February 6, 2014

Chad Langley and the boys finished off their week of furious fishing with more Sailfish release and some excellent eating fish on the Wanderer.

Chad tried to give the Sailfish an early Valentine’s Day present: a little kiss upon release!

They rounded out the day with Dorados and a tasty little Yellowtail Snapper.

February 2, 2014

You gotta love this itinerary: 6 nights in Nosara, 5 days of fishing!

The hardcore angling quartet of Ben James, Brad Simons, Chad Langley, and Kevin Poole began their fishing odyssey on board the legendary Explorer on February 2.

To say they got off to a fast start is the understatement of the year:

This high-flying Striped Marlin ain’t the biggest bully in the schoolyard but he had moves like a welterweight champion.

Chad put the screws to this fish as Captain David did everything he could to keep her centered behind the cockpit.

Finally they got the fish alongside and the fearless Captain Carlos (on loan from the Adventurer) executed a perfect billshot and release.

Later Ben got into it with a very aggressive Sailfish, but once again this billfish was no match for the barroom brawler Explorer.

These boys didn’t go hungry either, as Kevin KO’d this nice Dorado and Brad added a tasty White Tuna.

Good start to what should be a legendary week of hardcore fishing.

February 4, 2014

North Carolina’s own Chad Langley, Kevin Poole, Brad Simons, and Ben James put in a solid week of fishing on the pangas before stepping up to the flagship Wanderer on February 4.

Captain William put the blue beauty out in front of a pack of Sailfish and these boys pulled off four incredible releases.

The peak of the bite saw a triple-strike, however one of the Sails spit the hook…still you wanna talk about an exciting moment, this is it!

This was the final Sailfish release of the day and just might be the biggest of the bunch.


Nice fish-handling by First Mate Alex to see that all of these sweet Sailfish swam off safely.

They added a trio of swollen Dorados to round out an excellent angling performance.

I don’t know what it is about these North Carolinians but they sure can fish!