July 4, 2014

Kirk and Jan Wurster finished their fishing adventure on July 4 with a trip offshore; after besting Roosters and Snappers inshore the logical choice was to see what was biting in the blue water 10 miles out.

The early bite brought in this nice Dorado:

Later in the afternoon the line screamed off and Kirk belted up to battle a big Sailfish!

Excellent boat handling by Captain William kept the fight short and sweet while First Mate Alex ensured a safe release.

July 2, 2014

Jacksonville’s own Kirk Wurster broke the ice on a full week of fishing with this bucket-list caliber Rooster fish:

This was the first of two mighty Pez Gallos scored by the flagship.

The mighty Wanderer proves again that she is fit for all forms of fish warfare with this excellent inshore catch. As usual this fish was released after the photograph. Great work Kirk!