February 1, 2013

Another tranquil day on the Nosara River! Mike Young and his group took to the pleasant water for a gentle half day of floating and sightseeing. They saw lots of birds and reptiles, plus came upon a nice group of SUP riders also cruising the river.

Our Kayak Tours are very popular for both anglers and nature lovers alike, plus they are a cost-effective way to spend a lovely afternoon. Looks like Mikey and his folks found the perfect way to relax between offshore fishing days.

January 31, 2013

After a great morning with the Brothers Bates, the mighty Wanderer came back to Garza to pick up Mike Reed and his group.

They had piled the fishbox high with Dorado and Snapper filets earlier in the week with on the Explorer so on this trip they set their sights directly on blue water billfish!

Throughout the trip they caught and released five Pacific Sailfish ranging from 70lbs. – 90lbs. Safe fish handling by First Mate Alex and masterful boat work by Captain William spelled doom for these beauties; seems like every time a line hit the water a billfish was ready to pounce.

Let’s hope this strong action stays consistent through the middle part of our season here. Stay tuned!

January 28, 2013

Michael Reed and his posse had a whale of a good time on the Super Panga Explorer with the legendary Captain David. The highlight of the fishbox was this trio of perfect-eating sized Mullet Snapper:

These fellas lose their meat density when they grow over 25lbs., but these pan-sized morsels are ideal for table fare. They also added a 40+lbs. Dorado which tastes great big or small.

Another fantastic trip to the fish market by the unbeatable Super Panga Explorer!