December 29, 2012

Rosie Swarbrick and her family came to Nosara from the little town of New York City and they took a Big Apple-sized bite a big red Cubera Snapper. The Wanderer kept to the coral green waters less than three miles from shore and stirred up the necessary feeding frenzy.

When the big brute hit the fight was on. Looks from the picture below that it may have been side hooked, put that much more pressure on the tackle and the angler to perform.

This Cubera Snapper weighs every bit of 40lbs. and should definitely keep the freezer full for the Swarbrick’s for quite some time.

Excellent catch!

December 27, 2012

Jake Winchester brought along his girlfriend Laurie and his brother Dave for a very fruitful day of offshore trolling. The mighty Wanderer put on a show for the Sailfish swarm and gave this group a great trip.

Sailfish release

They nabbed and released three Sailfish early in the trip, then switched over the spread to target table fare.

“Laurie caught the first fish,” Jake wrote in an email . “It was the largest of the Dorados. My brother Iron Dave and I snagged 2 dorados at the same time.”

“In total we each caught a Dorado and Sailfish. Awesome fishing trip. William and Alex were awesome. Thank you so much!”

December 25, 2012

Nicholas Wisner signed up for a pair of fishing trips this week, and on his excursion aboard the sneaky Adventurer he and his girl hauled in a meaty 40lbs. Dorado.

It certainly seems that we are the beneficiary of some great Christmas fishing spirit and we are thankful for all of these nice stocking-stuffer sized Dorados. Great work as always from the fearless Captain Carlos.

December 24, 2012

Jim Kramer and his group are big time anglers who hail from the hard-fishin’ state of Delaware. These First Staters booked up the Wanderer for a billfish hunt and were rewarded with three excellent Sailfish releases ranging from 80lbs. – 90lbs.

These fish fight hard, but Jim and his ladies fought a little harder.

Excellent second trip of the day for the blue bomber with a total of four Sailfish released on this Christmas eve.

December 24, 2012

Hugh Jessiman brought his family aboard the Wanderer for a fun family day on the water. It wasn’t long before the line popped off and the fight was on!

Christmas came early in the form of a beautiful billfish. Estimated at 85lbs., this Pacific Sailfish was cleanly released after a 15 minute fight.

Hey Mom, you’re blocking the picture!

Much better! Excellent fish by the Jessiman crew and another outstanding performance by the mighty Wanderer

December 23, 2012

Lisa Daigh and her buddies kept the good times rollin’ on the Wanderer as Captain William put them out in front of two 90lbs. Pacific Sailfish.

Once again the big blue beauty would not be bested as both fish were safely caught and released.

The Sails have been thick this week and we anticipate that the bite should stay strong well past Christmas. Hold on tight!

December 21, 2012

Becky and Andy Hogan just won’t give these fish a break! After shattering expectations with her six billfish release day on the Wanderer, she and her group were back on the blue bomber for another run at the offshore game.

Young Andy just graduated from Med School and is about to begin his internship, and on this fishing day the waiting room was stacked up with Dorados. These Northeast Floridians put three in the box with the largest tipping the scales over 30lb.

They also hooked up a 90lbs. Pacific Sailfish and once again released her after a vigorous 15 minute battle. Andy already fulfilled his bucket list with the Sailfish and Marlin releases on the 18th, so when this beast came calling he felt confident in performing the release himself.

From hoping to see a billfish to handling a release…that’s quite a turnaround in only 3 days. Incredible fishing performances by Becky Hogan, Andy, and the mighty Wanderer.

December 21, 2012

Senior Javier has been working over the river mouth this week and had some great catches to show for his effort. Most recently was this large Corvina that weighs every bit of 15 lbs. Ceviche, anyone?

Earlier in the week Javier knocked out an excellent Snook, approximately 29 inches and 12 lbs. Pictured here with son Dario, this Snook is typical of the beauties that make their home at the mouth of the Nosara River.

Pretty clear family resemblance, even down to the gold chain. Great work by the master of the river, Senior Javier Hernandez!