June 23, 2021

Patience pays off, as proved by the flagship Wanderer on June 23. Steven Cobb’s group headed offshore, and the first fish up was this teeny-tiny Dorado.

Not big enought to keep, this little fella was returned to the water. The next two Dorados came soon after and were just barely big enough to keep.

Team Cobb stayed patient, and were rewarded with this excellent Dorado:

They also nabbed a super Sailfish release to round out the trip. Excellent perservance by Master Captain William and the flagship Wanderer.

October 19, 2020

The first day of the season filled the refrigerator with Yellowfin Tuna filets, so on the second day Craig and Javier went hunting for trophy fish.

Javier belted up for the first Sailfish of the day. This crazy beauty was darting back in forth above the water.

After a nice battle she was safely released as always.

Craig was next into the breach and waged an epic battle with a big Blue Marlin.

Dario Hernandez joined his father for this trip and snagged a few sandwich-sized Dorado filets.

This trip was also a training run for Mate Antonio, who most of our clients know as our panga boat driver; he will be assuming the mate’s role on the Explorer this year, and will be training with Captain Alex on the Harvester to continue improving his skills.