November 19, 2010

FishingNosara is pumped to offer Kayak Safari Tours as a new way to explore the Costa Rican wilderness. Also, these brand-new 13′ Ocean Kayaks are the only way to get to the Mangrove Snappers and supersized Snook at the estuary between the Nosara River and the Pacific Ocean.

To test the new vessels we sent the best of the FishingNosara team to explore the river. On Thursday November 11th the fellas put the Kayaks through their paces and scouted many spots for future fishing expeditions.

Captain William made his way to the train bridge overpass to make sure the boys were staying out of trouble. Our crews certainly look out for each other.

Our first Kayak Safari client was Eduardo Barrios on Saturday November 13th. Accompanied by Guide Johnny, Mr. Barrios explored the river and the saw tons of wildlife. Also he did some more preliminary scouting for Snook.

Recently client Hal Breedlove and his group went out with Javier on Thursday November 18th for a 3 hour trip down the river. The saw incredible natural beauty and had an absolutely fantastic time.

Kayak Tours provide an economical way to fish and explore the wilderness of Costa Rica. Check out the Safari Tours section of for all the details.

October 15, 2010

Captain William has Alex and David getting the Wanderer ready for another year of billfish combat by refitting the fighting chair, plus the yearly maintenance and paint work to keep the Wanderer running smoothly and looking great (and of course catching fish). Captain William and crew can’t wait to get back in the water and start filling the fish boxes.

The Wanderer‘s first year was a success beyond all of our wildest dreams. From the early stages of rebuilding and refitting the boat in Florida to the final rigging in Costa Rica to the day-to-day excellence exhibited by Captain William and the crew, every element has come together in perfect harmony to make this boat a legend in the Nosara area after just one season. Of course none of this would be possible without you, our friends from around the world who have made the Wanderer part of your stay in Nosara.


We are all super stoked to finally get Captain David’s new ride the Explorer delivered from Nicaragua and prepped for battle. We are just now starting the final rigging before she’s ready to catch Cuberra, Snook, Roosters and anything else that swims.

On October 14th Captain David took a friend’s Panga boat out to scout new spots and caught 40 Yellowfin Tunas…that’s not a typo, that’s FORTY fish. What a great first trip! If you are ready for a trust test of angler skill, book Captain David and the Explorer before his calendar fills up.

April 13, 2010

The Wanderer took her first trip to the hill this month as Captain William and Mates Alex and David gave all the major systems a check-up.

After four months in the water, I am happy to report that the Wanderer is nearly as perfect as the day we launched her.

With a new coat of deck paint to keep things shiny the Wanderer was once again ready to catch some fish.