March 9, 2014

The Wanderer was the classroom for a great bunch of kids getting their first lesson in the blue water marine ecosystem.

Captain William took this family for an up-close look at the inbound Sea Turtle migration to Ostinal.

Later in the evening this little dude scored a nice White Tuna.

Nice way to end the day for the hard-working flagship the Wanderer.

May 2, 2012

Garza was humming with energy on the morning of May 2 as FishingNosara joined some other area boats in welcoming 32 yoga students from the Yoga Shelter for a Marine Nature tour.

The FishingNosara flagship Wanderer led the way offshore for local boats Sportsman, High Roller, and Aimee Marie.  After seeing birds, turtles, dolphins, and other aquatic life the Yogis decided to take a peek beneath the waves.

Rain was falling on land but the conditions in San Juanillo Bay were perfect for snorkeling. The water was crystal blue and the current was not an issue. Looks like everyone took advantage of the opportunity to take the plunge…except this bird who decided to stay high and dry.

In the end it was a fun day all around. Nice job by the other area boats and by the Guiones Beach Transportation staff in their perfect execution of getting 30+ folks to and from Garza.

August 2, 2011

The Wanderer relaxed today with a nice nature tour.

First he was happy to welcome the Portel family for a morning nature tour where they saw dolphins, birds, whales and some particularly amorous turtles.

This is a common site in our area since we are just a few kilometers south of the Ostinal National Refuge which host one of the largest sea turtle spawning in the world.

May 2, 2011

On May 3 we hosted a Nature Tour on the Wanderer, Sportsman, and local boat High Roller for thirty students visiting Nosara with the Yoga Shelter. They saw turtles, seabirds, flying fish, dolphins, whales and more awesome marine life. “It was an AMAZING trip!” said one yogi.