November 26, 2011

Craig is back in the billfishing swing of things, with report of two more Black marlin today on the Wanderer. The first big Black broke the hook just alongside the boat, but the second Marlin was a clean leader release.

No release shot this time…we will trade a safe release for a photograph any day, and this Marlin was too big to be messing around with.

Also our great friend Jeff Grosshandler made swift work of this nice 25lbs. Dorado for the dinner table. Great offshore action from the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer!

November 25, 2011

The next morning was family fishing time for client Paul Tyler on the Explorer. They caught a pair of Bonitas on the devastating planer/spoon rig then anchored up to the reef to find some good eatin’.

The Jacksonville, FL angler and his family ripped in four awesome White tunas in a very short time. These tasty delicacies make for some of the best sushi in the world.  They also nailed this excellent Jack Crevalle.

Great work by Mr. Tyler and the indefatigable Explorer.

On November 27 Captain David welcomed client Ian Raymond to the Explorer for a combination snorkling-fishing trip in the afternoon. It was a productive day highlighted by five tough little Needlefish on ice.

Then another great family came along on November 30 and had a fantastic trip on the Explorer. More Dorado, more White Tunas, and more big smiles from happy kids. Great work muchachos!

On December 2 Captain David parked the Explorer on a nice pot of Dorados. Yummy sandwiches and steaks from these lovely Mahi-mahis and another great report from the excellent Super Panga.

November 25, 2011

Every trip is a fresh adventure on the Wanderer, as client Mark and his buddies got on a variety of fish that have been a bit scarce this season. First up, they boated a pair of Cubera Snappers weighing between 20lbs. and 30lbs.

They grabbed another rather exotic piece of meat in the form of this Cierro mackerel. Named for it’s zero shaped spots, this little fella is one of the best tasting fish in the sea.

Nice work by the Wanderer in proving that there is good action to be found all over the inshore reefs.

November 24, 2011

Timothy Patrick Riley and his family closed out Thanksgiving day with an afternoon fishing trip on the Wanderer with Captain William. The skies turned overcast…combine that with the green water close to shore and you have the recipe for some Dorado devastation.

They caught a half-dozen of the tasty green morsels which should definitely make for a great feast. What a great bit of family fishing in Costa Rica to keep this week of great action going. Nice work Riley family!

November 24, 2011

November 24 capped off a week of icebreakers for FishingNosara; the Eldridge family got the season’s first Double header billfish release, next Craig Sutton released the first marlin of the season.

Then on the famous Wanderer clients Alyssa and Alexander Rose caught the first Wahoo of the season.

Captain William set the blue beauty aside a school of spinning porpoises and after catching two small Bonitas the singing of the reel let it be known that a big missle of a fish was on the hook.

Wahoo are extremely fast and hard striking game, and pound for pound they fight just as hard as a Marlin. Catching a silver bullet like this one is so small feat…congratulations to Alyssa Rose and her group on this great catch.

November 24, 2011

Client Matt Lutz from Idaho got his turkey day off to a fun start with a 3 hr. trip on the Explorer with Captain David. I don’t think there is lots of deep sea fishing to do back home, but this Gem Stater had great success on the inshore reef boating three White tunas, a beefy Jack Crevalle, and a quintet of bad black Bonitas.

Excellent work by the Explorer and Matt Lutz!

November 23, 2011

Craig Sutton has notched the scorecard with the season’s first Marlin release, a 300lbs. Black beauty. This ends a 15 month dry spell for the US Representative for FishingNosara and also represents the largest fish caught to date on the 26′ Explorer.

The water was deep green and Craig was up on the forward platform when he spotted four jumping dolphin dead ahead. “It was like it was telekinetic,” Craig later recalled. “I could feel that there was something big down there.”

That same moment the 300lbs. Black Marlin swooped in and annihilated the port side teaser. Alertly mate Pipio let spool the outrigger line, creating an irresistible target for the monster.

Once hooked an efficient 20 minute fight was all Mr. Sutton needed to bring her along side for a nice safe release. Great work by Captain David, Mate Pipio, and angler Craig Sutton on the unstoppable Super Panga.

November 22, 2011

She had a very special group with her this time: her family! The posse consisted of son Daniel, daughter Brooke, daughter-in-law Maria Yetty, and several of her grandkids visiting from the United States for Thanksgiving.

“Ever see a 15 year old kid who says he never caught anything trolling on the end of a mean Sail?” writes Richmond. “It was great.”

Awesome release by Oliver and Zeke Sheilds-Wald!

The Phipps posse released this Sailfish and lost a big Yellowfin tuna on the first day. On their second trip the group stayed inshore and had an absolute feeding frenzy on their hands.  Maria Yetty was the hot rod catching several tasty White tunas.

The big fish was this 20lbs. Amberjack, but they backed that catch up with a total of four White Tunas, five Jack Crevalles and a pair of nice Bonitas.

November 21, 2011

Matthew McCabe and his group just got back to shore from the Explorer and have some excellent catches to report. They released one of the biggest sailfish of the season (at least 130lbs.); the picture weighs 5 pounds!

They finished the day off with a 35lbs. Mahi-Mahi and a nice White Tuna. Great day of fishing for the McCabe group!