January 9, 2022

Dan Johnson of Hatteras, NC returned to the Wanderer on January 9 with Wilber Carrillo, Antonio Carrillo, and Manuel Obando.

Wilber had the big fish of the day…his first-ever Blue Marlin release. In the afternoon, they crush a school of Yellowfin Tunas and Dorados.

Big smiles from Captain William and this fun-loving crew!

January 8, 2022

Legendary angler Dominick D’Agastino added to his impressive inventory of angling accomplishments with an amazing Blue Marlin release on January 8.

Excellent safe release by Mate Elias. Later in the day the Wanderer released an nice Sailfish.

Lastly, Master Captain William nabbed a couple of beefy Yellowfin Tunas for the dinner table.

December 22, 2021

The big battleship Discoverer delivered the best trip of the year so far for anglers from Cary Clark’s group.  On December 22 they released THREE Blue Marlins!

One of these monsters it a fish-of-a-lifetime, so a three release day is off-the-charts. Excellent work by Mate Kevin to safely release the whole trio.

This makes five Marlin releases in three days for Cary Clark.

They also nagged this dinner-table sized Dorado for what I can imagine is a mighty end-of-week feast: