January 30, 2012

We were stoked to host a wedding fishing fiesta with Rob Anderson and his group from Dallas, TX. They split the party between the Wanderer and the Explorer. Both boats saw consistent action, but the Wanderer had the edge when it comes to good eatin’ keepers.

Captain William and the big blue beauty accounted for 10 Yellowfin tunas and five Jack Crevalles in the fishbox, while over on the Explorer Captain David’s group got a bunch of Bonita and a few feisty reef Snapper.

No matter how you score it, Mr. Anderson and his group certainly caught enough fish for the wedding party. Great work team!

January 29, 2012

Richmond and Brooke followed up they inshore sushi shopping trip with another trip with Captain David on the indefatigable Explorer. This time they were joined by Daniel Shields (FishingNosara’s Chief Technology/Ecology Advisor) and his lovely wife Maria Yetty.

Captain David put the barroom brawler onto a secret spot of the reef, and today’s was twice as productive has Richmond’s prior trip. The highlight of the day was this intriguing Rooster Fish, which was released after the photo session.

They backed up that catch with some meat for the cooler in the form of a few nice Jack Crevalles and more Tuna.

Most importantly Hall of Famer Richmond Phipps had a great time on the Explorer and will certainly be back for some more old-school extreme panga fishing.

January 28, 2012

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Richmond Phipps made her first visit to the Explorer today and certainly got back to her fishing roots on the 26-foot Super Panga. Senora Phipps has been working the fish in Garza Bay from panga boats since the Nixon administration and the reef dwellers still tremble in fear when Richmond in on the water.

Richmond was joined by her daughter and great friend to FishingNosara Brooke Shields for the first of two trips on the Explorer. Captain David kept them on the fish, and in less than three hours they pulled in a pair of nice White Tunas for the dinner table along with some other assorted nibbles.

Fantastic evening of inshore fishing for Richmond and Brooke on the powerful 26-foot Explorer.

January 27, 2012

Captain David and the 26-foot Explorer welcomed Jay Johnston and his group for an afternoon half-day fishing trip. The California anglers wanted to target Yellowfin Tuna primarily, but the 1pm Sailfish bite proved too alluring so Captain David took it offshore early in the trip.

This excellent Sailfish was released unharmed after a brief but vigorous 10 minute fight. Captain David knows what to do when these big fish come calling and he brought this fight to a quick, safe and satisfying conclusion.

Jay’s posse kept their collective foot on the gas once the Explorer returned inshore and anchored up to Pincha Padre. They finished the evening with 10 Yellowfin Tunas weighing between 12lbs. and 20lbs. in the box.

Check out the Wasabi/Soy sauce tray in the right foreground…No one’s going hungry in the Johnston group tonight!

January 27, 2012

Amazing Kayak Safari Tour today that featured a canine companion and an excellent Snook catch by El Jefe. Local man Humberto Avila was joined by guide Arturo for a lazy float down the Rio Nosara.

Once they got to the river mouth and broke out the fishing poles, look who they ran into:

No other than Nosara Paradise Rentals GM Javier Hernandez along with another fantastic Snook. El Jefe is a Snook catching machine and he always knows where the big boys are hiding. Another great day on the river!

January 25, 2012

Brian Bickel and his boys from South Georgia lit it up today with nice Sailfish and Dorados. The spinning porpoises led the famous Wanderer out to a full-on feeding frenzy.

They had three Sailfish in the spread throughout the day with two successful catch and releases.

This hungry posse also put three big Dorados in the box which should keep them pleasantly plump for the rest of the week.

Great start for these fellas who still have more fishing planned this week.

January 23, 2012

Janae finished her fishing vacation in with FishingNosara with another outing on the 26-foot Super Panga Explorer with Captain David and Mate Pipio. She added to her previous billfish releases with another excellent Sailfish at around 1:30pm.

Later on she had a nice Wahoo and but it shot like a missle and broke the line; shades of fishing stories from the Ledge back home in Jacksonville. They moved inshore to end the day and caught a few nice Black Tunas.

Here is the email she sent us once she got home:

“What an awesome time we had in Nosara! The fishing was so fun and Nosara is a great little place!! We are already talking about when we can come back! I just wanted to thank you again for answering my millions of questions and helping me prepare!! Can’t wait to come back again!!! Pura Vida!!!”

January 22, 2012

Amazing day on the Explorer for client Janae visiting from Florida. She represented the Sunshine State well on her first day by scoring some meaty Dorados, but today she had one thing on her mind: Offshore Billfish Hunting!

Captain David and Mate Carlos took the 26-foot brawler about 6 miles out the blue water when a flock of diving birds led the way for the Explorer into a feeding frenzy.

The first Sailfish came up and annihilated a long shotgun bait and Janae took him on a quick ride to the boat for this excellent release shot.

No sooner than Carlos could get the baits back in the water than the Sailfish’s hunting buddy came calling. Captain David had to back this fish down quickly because of the amount of line it peeled off with the initial strike; still the team of Captain David on the wheel and Janae on the reel wrapped up this fight in 20 minutes.

Great releases by Mate Carlos to ensure the safety of fish, boat and angler. Let’s see what Janae has in store for them later this week as she wraps up her birthday getaway in Nosara, Costa Rica.

January 22, 2012

Mark and Melody Mukon finished their week of strong fishing with “His and Hers” Sailfish releases. Mark was first up, and his monster Sailfish put on a tailwalking show on his way to the mighty Wanderer.

Melody Mukon was next up on the reel when at 1pm the second Sailfish came barreling through the spread. The hypnotic power of her Pink FishingNosara hat worked on this billfish as First Mate Alex coaxed him alongside for another safe release.

Great work by this Connecticut couple of bill collectors to cap off an outstanding week of fishing in Costa Rica.

January 21, 2012

Jacksonville angler and Florida Sportsman calendar model Janae had a great morning on the 26-foot Super Panga Explorer. She is in Nosara celebrating her birthday and thankfully the fish decided to attend the party.

She got into town from Florida late last night and then hit the water first thing in the morning…that’s how we fish in Duval, folks.

Captain David reports that she caught a pair of 40lbs. Mahi-Mahi and that she was super-stoked to have some fish for the fridge.

Janae will be fishing again on Monday and we’ll see how things go offshore; the way this week has gone it’s fair to say that things should be poppin’.