November 24, 2011

Client Matt Lutz from Idaho got his turkey day off to a fun start with a 3 hr. trip on the Explorer with Captain David. I don’t think there is lots of deep sea fishing to do back home, but this Gem Stater had great success on the inshore reef boating three White tunas, a beefy Jack Crevalle, and a quintet of bad black Bonitas.

Excellent work by the Explorer and Matt Lutz!

November 23, 2011

Craig Sutton has notched the scorecard with the season’s first Marlin release, a 300lbs. Black beauty. This ends a 15 month dry spell for the US Representative for FishingNosara and also represents the largest fish caught to date on the 26′ Explorer.

The water was deep green and Craig was up on the forward platform when he spotted four jumping dolphin dead ahead. “It was like it was telekinetic,” Craig later recalled. “I could feel that there was something big down there.”

That same moment the 300lbs. Black Marlin swooped in and annihilated the port side teaser. Alertly mate Pipio let spool the outrigger line, creating an irresistible target for the monster.

Once hooked an efficient 20 minute fight was all Mr. Sutton needed to bring her along side for a nice safe release. Great work by Captain David, Mate Pipio, and angler Craig Sutton on the unstoppable Super Panga.

November 22, 2011

She had a very special group with her this time: her family! The posse consisted of son Daniel, daughter Brooke, daughter-in-law Maria Yetty, and several of her grandkids visiting from the United States for Thanksgiving.

“Ever see a 15 year old kid who says he never caught anything trolling on the end of a mean Sail?” writes Richmond. “It was great.”

Awesome release by Oliver and Zeke Sheilds-Wald!

The Phipps posse released this Sailfish and lost a big Yellowfin tuna on the first day. On their second trip the group stayed inshore and had an absolute feeding frenzy on their hands.  Maria Yetty was the hot rod catching several tasty White tunas.

The big fish was this 20lbs. Amberjack, but they backed that catch up with a total of four White Tunas, five Jack Crevalles and a pair of nice Bonitas.

November 21, 2011

Matthew McCabe and his group just got back to shore from the Explorer and have some excellent catches to report. They released one of the biggest sailfish of the season (at least 130lbs.); the picture weighs 5 pounds!

They finished the day off with a 35lbs. Mahi-Mahi and a nice White Tuna. Great day of fishing for the McCabe group!

November 20, 2011

Another legendary day for Charly Bernhardt and Silvia Munoz on the Wanderer!

Regular readers of this report remember that Charly and Silvia were on the big blue beauty exactly one year ago for the most productive day of Yellowfin tuna fishing in recent memory; Jog your memory by Watching the video or reading the post.

So here we are 364 days later, and what do you think happened?






Whoa! Those are some big f*$%king tunas…it’s amazing that they could hold these things up for the pictures let alone pull them out of the water. Great work by Craig, Paula, Charly and Silvia on some amazing angling!





This is why Alex lifts weights…great work all around by anglers, boat, Captain William, and the crew.

November 19, 2011

Captain Josh Eldridge and his wife Jennifer are in Nosara celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary, so obviously the perfect way for the IGFA-certified charter captain from Nantucket to celebrate was with some high-powered billfish hunting on the Wanderer.

Captain Josh and his wife had a super nice day with five Sailfish releases (including a Double header) backed up by a 30 lbs. Dorado for the dinner table.

“We a great time with William and Alex!” -Captain Josh Eldridge via email

November 19, 2011

Chuck Darner and Bill Wilderotter finished their week of excellent fishing with Captain David and Mate Pipio on the Explorer and they dialed up a fish feast for the ages. David kept the barroom brawler on the fish while Pipio broke in the new forward casting platform…the result was a cornucopia of marine eatin’.

They started at 9am. The first fish was a 35 lbs. Dorado, then they backed that up with a 25 lbs. Cubera Snapper, a 25 lbs. Amberjack, and a nice White Tuna.

The Jacksonville anglers finished off their trip by adding a Macarela, two Jack Crevalles,  and four beefy Bonitas. Excellent end to an amazing week in Nosara…these guys are on top!

November 18, 2011

It’s all about small adjustments when it comes to big time billfishing. Since the full moon passed yesterday the blue water break has moved offshore, which means the Sailfish bite has moved from 10am to about 1pm.

Chuck Darner, Bill Wilderotter, Gary Newman, and Ronnie Dorsett found this to be true when, after a dreadfully slow morning, the beautiful bullets came calling in the afternoon.

They released 3 more pacific sails on the Wanderer and displayed the yeoman’s patience required to best such beasts.

November 17, 2011

Amazing day for Chuck Darner and his posse on the Wanderer! With several Sailfish release under their belts this week, these Jacksonville anglers set their sights on another beautiful billfish release.

It was Chuck’s turn to do billfish battle this time and his prey put on quite a show for the crews’ cameras. What a fighter!

First Mate Alex kept the fish close and the fight was over in less than 20 minutes. With Chuck assisting the Wanderer released this beautiful monster unharmed and unstressed.

For a victory lap Bill Wilderotter put yet another tasty green Dorado into the fishbox. Excellent results from the Jacksonville anglers and the Wanderer.