December 7, 2014

Our great friend Marion Lawler is back in Nosara for a quick fishing trip, and despite the short duration of his stay he found the time to join the Wanderer for a full day assault on the blue-water beasties.

This high-flying Sailfish release broke the ice, and was followed up with a nice Dorado score for the dinner table.

Marion finished off the day with another Sailfish release.

Great fish handling by First Mate Alex meant these fish will be around next time this Texas angler belts up for battle!

November 26, 2013

Our great friend Marion Lawler is back in Nosara for another round of deep sea fishing with his sons. The Wanderer was on top of her game as they hunted down a swarm of Dorados and Yellowfin Tunas for the refrigerator.

Marion’s sons got their first crack at blue water fishing with the Wanderer back in July 2012 where they performed brillantly, however clearly their a little more confident this time around:

JULY 2012:


Clearly they have been working on the craft cause they boated these monsters with the smooth precision of professionals.

Great work by this Texas posse! We expert to see these boys again soon.


July 11, 2012

Client Marion Lawler III is on vacation in Costa Rica with his family and chartered the Wanderer for a 6.5 hour offshore excursion. These experienced Texas anglers turned in a magnificent performance on the FishingNosara flagship.

This Sailfish lit up the spread just after 12 o’clock and put on quite a show for young Mr. Lawler; the expression on this lads face shows what big-time sportfishing is all about.

Captain William kept this monster on a short leash with his masterful boat handling skills while First Mate Alex expertly directed the safe release.

The billfish vanished around 1:30, but over on the Explorer Captain David radioed in that he had found a large school of feeding porpoises. Captain William followed his hunch and fell in next to a pod of spinning porpoises, knowing that they would lead the Wanderer to a pot of Yellowfin gold.

Sure enough around 3pm this HUGE Yellowfin tuna was hooked up and it was Marion’s other son on the reel this time.

A beautiful Sailfish release for the trophy case and about 40lbs. of Yellowfin for the dinner table…that’s about a perfect day for Team Lawler!