November 17, 2021

Christopher Flanders’ group continued their amazing run of catches on the 17th. The highlight was clearly this awesome Blue Marlin release:

They also managed multiple Sailfish hook-ups with ruthless precision.

It wasn’t all trophy releases for this team; check out this MONSTER Dorado.

They also threw a few Yellowfin Tunas in the filet bag for good measure. Amazing work by Captain Fico and the barroom brawler Explorer.

November 15, 2021

Josh and Robin Berman got acclimated to the blue water fishery on November 15, scoring eight BIG Dorados. They were joined by Tedd and Amy Callihan on this fishing mission.

These Tavernier, FL-based anglers put on a fantastic fishing clinic on these catches.

They also caught and released this little shark, but don’t worry…we’re NOT going to need a bigger boat!