January 17, 2017

The Wanderer is more than just the hardest-working boat in Central America; it’s also the preeminent spot for young anglers to learn the craft of sportfishing.

This fun-loving family had a boatload of fun with nice Ciero Mackerals, some fun Bonita, and a big Dorado.

Great work by the family friendly flagship!

December 16, 2016

The Wanderer welcomed Anita Howard and her group for a lovely day of inshore action. A sunrise this beautiful was a great sign for the day.

The highligh was this mammoth Rooster Fish release, but they also went home with some great filets from this array of reef creatures:

Great work by the mighty flagship and these North Carolina anglers.

August 27, 2015

The Adventurer‘s hot streak of Rooster Fish releases continued into late August, with some 40lbs.+ pez gallos meeting their match.

Captain Fico continues to master the art of Rooster wrangling, as evidenced by these photos.

Of course the 23-foot switchblade can always be counted on for some meat…check out this 15lbs. Cierro Mackeral:

All in a day’s work for the inshore assassin!

March 31, 2015

Alabama’s own Andrew Nichols brought his kids along for an inshore hunt, and First Mate Alex was well prepared with lots of Mullets in the livewell.

This little Cierro Mackeral was the ice-breaker, and was a sign of a great day to come.

How’s a gargantuan Cubera Snapper sound to get the ball rolling?

You know its a memorable fish with Captain William gets a picture for his scrapbook!

The Wanderer headed a few miles offshore in the afternoon and snared a nice Sailfish release.

March 29, 2015

On March 29 Roy Forster brought his kids along for morning half day on the Wanderer. They stayed inshore and enjoyed some good rod-bending action.

After warming up on some feisty Jack Crevelles, Roy scored a big old Ponpano…perfect for cevieche!

The Wanderer bid adios to Roy and the family, then welcomed Hanna Copp and her kids for another round of inshore action.


This Cierro Mackeral is certainly a tasty fish, plus they added a few more Jack Crevelles near the end of the trip.


One day, two happy fishing families for the Wanderer.

March 21, 2015

The Adventurer scored big again on March 21st will a wide haul of filets.

They scored a Cubera Snapper early in the trip and followed in up with a beefy Cierro Mackeral.

This is certainly an above-average size for this tasty species. The final fish of the day was another big Cubera.

Small boat, big fish…just another day for the 23-foot Adventurer.