August 3, 2017

August 3rd was a banner day for angler Peter Petrassi and his group. They scored Sailfish early and often.

These fish were fired-up and put our tackle to the test…this rod wasn’t up to snuff:

Mate Kevin was busy all day keeping these billfish under control and safely released.

Everyone got multiple shots at these wonderful pelagic behemoths.

To top it off they scored a double Dorado hook-up and brought home lots of nice filets for dinner.

August 2, 2017

Trent Mabe and his family posted a banner day on August 2 with Captain William.

The day started quickly with several wonderful meat fish including these sweet Yellowfin Tunas.

Then they boated an awesome Dorado; this is one of the biggest of the season!

With the boat riding low in the water from all the filets, there’s no way Captain William would take it further offshore to hunt Marlin, right?


This big bad Black Marlin threw down the gauntlet late in the day and the Wanderer was up to the challenge



Awesome day by the mighty flagship!