May 11, 2017

Kip and Diane Warner had a big day on the Wanderer punctuated with a couple of fantastic Sailfish releases.


Diane wrote us an email: “All your Staff was the Best they could be! What a Great Company! Thank you All so much making our vacation Awesome!!!”

The billfish releases were certainly highlights, however throughout the day the flagship also scored a half-dozen small Dorados, leading to a full fishbox of filets:


May 7, 2017

The Wanderer welcomed Jason Matherne’s group and over a two-day span they put a hurting on the local Sailfish. Joined by Ed and Pat Harrington, this “Cajun Crew” could not be stopped

Looks like everyone got a shot at their own behemoth.

Nice fish-handling by Mate Johnson to see all these billfish safely released.


In addition to these monster trophy fish releases, the flagship also nabbed some straggling Dorados.

Here is what Patrick had to say in an email:

“Please pass on to everyone behind the scenes our thanks and gratitude. We (the husbands) had a killer time fishing with both Capt. William & Capt. Carlos … you too, Antonio! We look forward to another trip (the husbands) in the future.”


May 6, 2017

We are at that magical time of the season when the Dorados get scarce and are being replaced in the food chain by Yellowfin Tuna.

On his first day fishing client Floyd Teat caught a few straggling Dorados.

Then they notched the scorecard with a nice Sailfish release.

A few days later the telltale sign of feeding porpoises led the way to a school of Yellowfin Tunas.

A pair of Sailfish releases rounded out the trip for the Floyd Teat group.

April 30, 2017

We had a round of rainstorms come through the area during late April, meaning that all the trash discarded during the dry season came washing down the mountain to Garza Beach.

Captain William organized a group of Garza residents to patrol the beach and clean up the refuse.

Great work by the folks in Garza to preserve their lovely community.

To celebrate the day’s work, Captain William loaded up some of our friends from Nosara Terratours for an afternoon of inshore meat harvesting.

Later in the week it was back to business for the mighty Wanderer as several clients found fun-sized Dorados near to shore.

To close out the month, Captain William headed offshore with Shauna Duggar’s family for some sweet Sailfish action.

They closed out the week with a lovely inshore action, highlighted by this Cuberra Snapper score:

Also the low tide revealed the nearby Pink Island, so a few members of the group took a dip to visit this coral beach.



April 5, 2017

“What a great week of fishing!” writes Dustin Purvis. He fished with Brandy Willis and Brady Schmidt, and there was plenty of action to go around.

“6 Sailfish and several Dorado caught with two great crews. Awesome accommodations, and plenty of great people to meet. We will be back!”

“Mate Johnson and Mate Juan Carlos were a blast to be around on the water.”