June 22, 2016

Our good buddy Bob Hartin and his family took to the Mega Panga as a school of BIG Yellowfin Tuna swarmed our area, and the crafty Captain Alex was on the scene to mop them up!

Bob scored big fish with us way back in 2012, and it’s good to see his fishing prowess is still top-notch.

They added to the big monster Yellowfin from the morning with a armload of 30-40lbs. Yellas later in the afternoon.

Add to that a nice Sailfish and you got a perfect day of blue water action:

June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 marks the first time in the seven year history of the FishingNosara team that Marlin releases were scored by every team boat. 

Photos and full reports coming soon! 


Client: Tallahassee Offshore Mafia

1 Blue Marlin 300 lbs

2 Sailfish  


Client: Robbie Parks

1 Blue Marlin 400 lbs  


Client: Al Bourgeoisie, Robert Thomason

1 Blue Marlin 300 lbs

1 Sailfish

1 Yellowfin Tuna 25 lbs  


Client: Tallahassee Offshore Mafia

1 Blue Marlin 300 lbs

June 13, 2016

Jacksonville anglers Al Bourgeoisie and Robert Thomason had a wildly productive day on June 13 with several Sailfish releases backed up with several big Yellowfin Tunas.

After the high-flying Sailfish show, they followed the spinning dolphin schools and snuck the Tunas out from under their beaks.

Great work by Captain Alex and the mega panga!

June 11, 2016

Chuck Harris and his Mob had a big day on June 11, with a Double Sailfish releases leading off the day’s catches.

Nice fish handling by Mate Kevin to ensure the safety of both the fishes and the anglers.

The Sailfish strikes stayed strong all day, and Chuck’s Offshore Mafia had the skills to bring them in quickly.

The final release came from our old buddy Rick Blackburn, and was the seventh release of the day.

June 10, 2016

The Tallahassee Offshore Mafia hit town on the 10th with capo Don Chuck Harris leading the charge on the Harvester.

This large group booked up all of our boats this week and cut a wide swath through the blue water species.

After a few nice Sailfish releases, they rounded out the day with some tasty plate-sized Yellowfin Tunas.

Great way to start the week for these hard-fishin’ Floridians.