August 13, 2016

Craig was back on the Harvester for a mega Marlin day on August 13 with fellow angler Lloyd Michael.

The first Blue Marlin snagged two baits and was simultaneously hooked by Craig and Lloyd!

After a safe release by Mate Kevin a second Marlin entered the spread and fought bravely, spitting the hook after putting on a fireworks show next to the boat.

Awesome hunting by Captain Alex and the Harvester!



August 12, 2016

The Harvester found gold with Craig Sutton nabbing at 150+lbs. Yellowfin Tuna on August 12.

Craig casted for this monster over a pod of spinning porpoises and brought him home with an efficient 25 minute fight on a Penn Slammer spinning reel.

It’s rare to see a fish the Captain Alex can’t lift off the deck, but this one fits the bill.

Fellow anglers Kim and Lloyd Michael were on board and scored an excellent Sailfish release, plus added their own meat with a 50+ lbs. Dorado.

Great day on the Mega Panga!

August 6, 2016

Fred Schroder scored the fish of a lifetime with Captain Alex on August 6. Take a gander at this MASSIVE Black Marlin:

The Harvester backed this monster down aggressively to keep the fight short and sweet; a benefit to both fish and angler.

Later in the day they also released a big Sailfish:

Amazing work by Captain Alex and Mate Kevin on the Harvester.

August 4, 2016

The Harvester welcomed Harold Derby’s great group for the first of their three fishing days, and they brought the best element for a good day on the water: Great attitudes!

Captain Alex stayed on the hunt as they gathered Bonita for bait.

The bite was a little slow, with a few mystery fish spitting the hooks.

Still all smiles for these big fishing Texans who are primed for a great week of action.