July 5, 2022

The Harvester and Virgil Russell’s family enjoyed some catching on July 5 with this excellent Yellowfin Tuna.

From Virgil via email:

I wanted to say that we had an exceptional time. We killed the tuna and both my kids got to land a tuna from the chair on the Harvester. 

I really appreciate the effort from the crews who took time to accommodate young children and made the trip awesome.


February 15, 2021

Our great friend Vigil Russell fished with Captain David on February 15 turned in one of the most exciting scorecards we’ve ever seen from the Adventurer.

The 23-foot switchblade fought and leader-released a big Blue Marlin, and throughout the day performed several traditional releases of Sailfish.

They also scored a fantastic Rooster Fish release.

This is a triple-serving of world class trophy releases from the smallest boat in the bay…amazing perfomance from Captain David on a sure-fire Hall of Fame day!

March 4, 2019

The Wanderer welcomed Virgil Russell for a fine day of Sailfish battlin’ on March 4, and they scored big fish early and often.

After Ms. Russell’s sweet Sailfish release, Mr. Russell set in on a trio of great billfish releases:

“I wanted to say what an amazing time my wife and I had on the Wanderer,” Virgil wrote in an email. “Top notch Captain, mate, and boat.”