March 5, 2016

James Constable is a tough-as-nails Tampa, FL area angler who is no stranger to big catches offshore and near shore.

On March 5 Captain Alex got him going with several nice Rooster Fish releases.

In the afternoon they put away the spinning rods and headed offshore about 10 miles where the Sailfish were stacked up and hungry.

Great work in the cockpit by Mate Kevin to coordinate this high-flying action.

February 26, 2016

David Brand is my kind of fisherman: He arrived in Nosara for a five night stay and fished all four days from sunrise to sunset on the mega panga Harvester.

His dedication to fishing yielded rewards early and often with multiple Sailfish releases on the first day.

They also nabbed a Yellowfin tuna to keep them fed for the week.

On day three the Sailfish were thick as cord-wood and Captain Alex masterfully hunted down these high flyers.

After a whopping twelve Sailfish releases, David Brand opted to head inshore a little early to hunt another exotic trophy fish:

This 30+lbs. Rooster Fish was the perfect send-off to a great week of fishing on the Harvester.


February 22, 2016

Captain Alex has already infused the new Harvester with his trademark ‘Never Surrender’ attitude and his clients are reaping the rewards.

Our good friend Gary Langfitt brought his daughter along for and offshore shoot out with some super-sized Sailfish and they managed to conquer four of these beauties.

They missed a fifth fish about 20 feet from the boat, but the indomitable Captain Alex will be back for him soon!