July 12, 2016

Phillip Jones bought the heat with Captain Alex on the Harvester on July 13.

The big Pacific Sailfish were hungry and hard charging early in the day.

Mate Kevin did get to bill these monsters safely and quickly, ensuring all safe releases.

Looks like they caught nearly a dozen big billfish on this trip!

The last one of the day was arguable the highest-flyer…look at this dance this one put on for the crew:

July 3, 2016

Fantastic day by the mega panga Harvester with client Greg Henry reporting a wide variety of great catches. The early strikes were these nice-sized Yellowfun Tuna. and big Dorados:

Very strong fighters (see the broken rod) and great tasting filets!

Then they released two strong Pacific Sailfish:

They topped off the day with this beautiful Blue Marlin!

Great work by Captain Alex and the Harvester.