November 13, 2017

David Little ended his week of fishing with Captain David with a true fish of a lifetime..this Rooster Fish release is easily north of 70lbs. and is clearly the biggest pez gallo of the season for the FishingNosara team:

They also nabbed several more nice filets for the travel cooler.

Great work by Captain David and the plucky Adventurer.

November 11, 2017

Captain David is off to a hot start, as proven by British angler David Little’s trip on November 11th that yielded 18 nice Dorados on the deck backed up by a variety of smaller reef dwellers like Jack Crevelle.

Also a curious and peaceful Whale Shark pulled up to the panga and gave Mr. Little a chance to encounter this monster at close range.

July 18, 2017

Our old pal George Kommick had a wonderful run of trips with Captain Fico from July 15 to July 18th. The first day they filled the refrigerator with a wide array of tasty filets.

The highlight of the week came with the capture and release of this high-flying Blue Marlin:

Estimated around 400lbs., this is clearly a memorable catch for this great angler.


February 5, 2017

Captain David welcomed some new friends from the nation of France for an action-packed five day campaign on the Adventurer.

It’s definitely a good sign to see these Yellowfin Tuna this close to shore.

Stephane Venant, Tim Capsek, and Camille Chombart we prepared for inshore battle; take a look at Stephane’s traveling arsenal:

Clearly the fish weren’t prepared for these hard-fighting Frenchmen!

Big Snappers were also lurking on the reefs, and they were no match for Stephane:

The week ended on a high note with this excellent Rooster Fish release…they had been looking for an elusive pez gallo all week and finally scored on the last day of fishing:

January 12, 2017

In mid-January the Harvester strung together several great results despite the presence of unusually high winds. The catch numbers went down a little but the billfish that were released are all monsters.

After this pair of nice releases the Mega Panga welcome Donald Ladenberger from the Sceptred Isle for a great day of action.

This Royal Navy veteran spun the guns on this Sailfish like the Bismarck, and Mate Kevin was there to play the role of Capt. Shepard.

Later in the week the offshore winds were just too much to bear so Captain Alex stayed inshore and kept the rods bent with Jack Crevalles and Dorados.

The next day the winds relaxed and the Harvester headed offshore for a couple of big Sailfish releases.

By mid-January the conditions were near-perfect, and Captain Alex was champing at the bit to get back into big-time blue water battles.

The day started quickly with two early Sailfish releases.

A third Sailfish hit the hook less than an hour later and once again the Harvester was up for the fight.

After the trophy releases they added a pair of swollen Dorados to the fishbox…pretty much the perfect end to a day on the water!

November 17, 2016

Tampa angler Bill Harris is a returning FishingNosara Hall of Famer and in mid-November he brought another great group of anglers to ply waters off of Nosara with Captain William on the flagship Wanderer.

In addition to Mr. Harris the Wanderer welcomed Joe Arriaga, Mark Scott, Brady Harris, Jimmy Erwin, and Ron Cox for three days of action. They started off inshore with some Bonitas and a nice Jack Crevelle, then on their second day headed offshore. Here is a shot of the new-look Wanderer taken from the Discoverer:

The Wanderer worked in tandem with the Discoverer to pluck some tasty Yellowfin Tunas from under this feeding school of porpoises:

On the third day they trolled offshore and a tasty Dorado:

Great work by our old friend Bill Harris and his posse!

November 16, 2016

David Little joined Captain Fico on the Explorer for a fun day featuring a wide array of catches.

After this bulky Jack Crevalle hit the icebox, they nabbed this excellent tasting Ciero Mackeral:

Late in the trip Mr. Little scored a football-sized Yellowfin Tuna to round out his filet bag.

Three nice specimens of three tasty species…all in a days’ work for the Super Panga!