January 11, 2012

The Explorer played host to a company outing starring El Jefe Javier Hernandez doing work on the inshore species that have moved into the area. Looking sharp in his dress whites, the GM of Nosara Paradise Rentals showed his mastery of marine marksmanship.

Javier nailed this nice Jack Crevelle in the late afternoon and piled the fishbox with several other nice catches. Nice evening of “work” for Javier!

January 8, 2012

Very productive day of fishing on the Explorer for Colorado-based client Adrian Archuleta with lots of good inshore action.

Captain David kept this group parked on top of the legendary reef at Pincha Padre and the Jack Crevalles showed up with big appetites. By the end of the half-day trip they had put eight lovely Jacks in the fishbox.

Excellent work as always by Captain David, Mate Carlos and the unstoppable Explorer.

January 7, 2012

Our good friend Dan Pai was back on the water with Captain William and the famous Wanderer. He was joined by his son and they had an excellent day of rod-bendin’ inshore action.

They had a few early Bonita that served as excellent bait hunks, which in turn led to a half-dozen beautiful Jack Crevalles in the fishbox.

Great work by the Pai boys and the 31-foot Wanderer!

January 6, 2012

Betsy Parker and her party had a huge day on the famous Wanderer today highlighted by the first Rooster fish release of the season. Although this is not the biggest specimen of pez gallo we have seen down here, it’s still the fish of a lifetime for the inshore angler.

This one was estimated to weigh 25lbs. and she backed up that catch with a nice White tuna, three Bonitas and five Jack Crevalles between 15-25lbs.

Great inshore action from the big blue beauty called the Wanderer.

January 3, 2012

John Fitzgerald from Connecticut caught the first Striped Marlin of the season today on the 26-foot fish-fightin’ Explorer. This rarest of all Marlin species weighed and estimated 200lbs. and was released alive and unstressed as always.

Excellent work by First Mate Carlos on the safe handling of this majestic fish.

It’s amazing how fast the fishing can turn down here…just yesterday Captain William of the Wanderer filed this unfortunate report: “Well, really slow today. We only had a sail on the teaser, but nothing. It’s too windy offshore and the water is green.” Now, Captain William can catch fish in a crock pot so if he says they ain’t bitin’ trust me they ain’t bitin’

Just a day later and Mr. Fitzgerald potentially fished himself right into the Hall of Fame.  He backed up the Marlin release with this nice Jack on a topwater plug.

Check out this email we got from Mr. Fitzgerald: Hey Craig just wanted to let you know that Cap David and Carlos are a great team! They put me on a bunch of fish today including a 200 plus Striped Marlin!!! Pura Vida! Many thanks John Fitz”

Great work by Captain David, First Mate Carlos, John Fitzgerald and the unconquerable Explorer on the first Striped Marlin of the season.

December 31, 2011

Neil Sawyer and his buddy joined Captain William and First Mate Alex on the Wanderer for a day of fishing that would produce a very rare and elusive species: the Blue Jack Crevalle. This fish occupies the same reef shelf as it’s more common silver colored brethren yet is much more reclusive and is usually hesitant to emerge from the reef to strike.

Sometimes in fishing you get things you can’t explain and such big Blue Jacks hitting on surface-bobbing topwater plugs is a bit mysterious. Neil wasn’t concerned with an oceanography lesson cause when the lines popped off the South Carolina angler had the skills to put this Blue Jacks on ice.

They followed up with a few more standard-issue Jack Crevalles and these boys are sitting on enough sushi to stay fed well into 2012.

Excellent work on a unique fish by Neil Sawyer and the mighty Wanderer.

November 25, 2011

The next morning was family fishing time for client Paul Tyler on the Explorer. They caught a pair of Bonitas on the devastating planer/spoon rig then anchored up to the reef to find some good eatin’.

The Jacksonville, FL angler and his family ripped in four awesome White tunas in a very short time. These tasty delicacies make for some of the best sushi in the world.  They also nailed this excellent Jack Crevalle.

Great work by Mr. Tyler and the indefatigable Explorer.

On November 27 Captain David welcomed client Ian Raymond to the Explorer for a combination snorkling-fishing trip in the afternoon. It was a productive day highlighted by five tough little Needlefish on ice.

Then another great family came along on November 30 and had a fantastic trip on the Explorer. More Dorado, more White Tunas, and more big smiles from happy kids. Great work muchachos!

On December 2 Captain David parked the Explorer on a nice pot of Dorados. Yummy sandwiches and steaks from these lovely Mahi-mahis and another great report from the excellent Super Panga.