August 7, 2023

Rob Coxey and Russell Nader turned in a brilliant performance on August 7 with Captain Fito reporting a wide variety of catches. This Dorado got things going:

Rob scored this small Rooster Fish.

They also pried up this unusual Rock Snapper.

Lastly, they scored this mystery fish; we thinks its either a Blue Jack Crevalle or perhaps a Bluetail Trevalley.

UPDATE: It’s an African pompano. Thanks to Dave Eisner for the eagle-eyes.

March 15, 2019

Captain Fico kept scored throughout the month of March…check out this great array of catches from the 15th. They started with a nice Rooster Fish release by Kyle Sever.

Then they nabbed the elusive Blue Jack Crevalle, a rarity for this area and the source of amazing ceviche.

Team Sever then headed offshore and scored this excellent Sailfish release.

Our great friend Mark Cooney was on board and our Northeast Representative added to his legend with this another Sailfish release.

November 13, 2015

We were stoked to welcome some new European friends for a week of great inshore action on the Adventurer.

These hard-fishing folks found us through Tightlines NL and brought their ‘A’ game to the waters around Garza Bay.

These big Rooster fish releases were a sign of great things to come.

Their haul included lots of Spanish Mackerels, Jack Crevalles, and the ultra-rare Blue Jack Trevelly.





April 2, 2015

The inshore madness continued on April 2 as the flagship pulled myriad species of fish up from the shallow reefs.

Fresh of his great river mouth scores of Snook, client Mike Loughrey and his group scored Jack Crevelles, Amberjack, and the elusive Blue Jack Crevelles.

With four experienced anglers on deck, First Mate Alex got the rare opportunity to see how the client’s usually feel…that is, sitting back and watching some pro anglers fill the fishbox:

March 24, 2015

Inshore madness on the March 24 on-board the Wanderer!

This 30lbs. Rooster Fish release got things going early, then was followed up with this gigantic Cubera Snapper:

Later in the trip they repeated with a Rooster Fish release followed up with another Cubera.

The reefs have been fertile all month, but rarely do we get two massive Rooster Fish releases AND two Cubera Snappers.

As an added delicacy, check out this Blue Jack Crevelle…this is a rare catch for our area and is the first of the year for the whole team.

November 29, 2013

Lori Seiler and her posse of CCA Florida anglers put pressure on the big time reef dwellers on board the Wanderer. Captain William took them to a great bite of fish and the action stayed hot all day long. The first fish in the box was the rare and elusive Yellowtail:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

This tasty specimen is excellent table fare and it is unusual to see one of this size.

They followed up with another rare species for our area with two nice Blue Trevally:

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The highlight of the trip was the release of this gigantic Rooster Fish:

Image Hosted by

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Now that is a monster of a trophy fish! Great work by First Mate Alex to safely released this treasure.

June 19, 2012

Waynes Estes and his son Trevor were back on the Wanderer today and were determined to hunt the reef dwellers. Trevor caught the first fish of the day, this rare and elusive Blue Jack Crevelle.

In fact the Jacks were thick all day as the Estes’ boys mopped up the Crevalles.

Check out Wayne’s old-school FishingNosara T-shirt…this ain’t no first timer folks!

The action heated up in a major way in the afternoon as not one, not two, but THREE Roosterfish found the hooks. This comes on the heels of the Wanderer‘s double Rooster day last week.

Fantastic work by this Jacksonville-based Father and son fishing team!

All three pez gallo were released safely and we look forward to catching them many more times.


December 31, 2011

Neil Sawyer and his buddy joined Captain William and First Mate Alex on the Wanderer for a day of fishing that would produce a very rare and elusive species: the Blue Jack Crevalle. This fish occupies the same reef shelf as it’s more common silver colored brethren yet is much more reclusive and is usually hesitant to emerge from the reef to strike.

Sometimes in fishing you get things you can’t explain and such big Blue Jacks hitting on surface-bobbing topwater plugs is a bit mysterious. Neil wasn’t concerned with an oceanography lesson cause when the lines popped off the South Carolina angler had the skills to put this Blue Jacks on ice.

They followed up with a few more standard-issue Jack Crevalles and these boys are sitting on enough sushi to stay fed well into 2012.

Excellent work on a unique fish by Neil Sawyer and the mighty Wanderer.