March 18, 2021

Mike Loughrey and the Harvester scored big on March 18. The highlight was this floor-sweeping monster Dorado.

They augmented this catch with some smaller Yellowfin Tunas and a nice Sailfish release.

“Great time in Nosara last week,” Mike wrote via email. “Casa Neptune is a great spot for a couple folks. Thanks for everything. Fishing with Alex and Wilson was epic! Freddy, Javier, Mary, Alex & Yoseph were great to be with.”

April 2, 2015

The inshore madness continued on April 2 as the flagship pulled myriad species of fish up from the shallow reefs.

Fresh of his great river mouth scores of Snook, client Mike Loughrey and his group scored Jack Crevelles, Amberjack, and the elusive Blue Jack Crevelles.

With four experienced anglers on deck, First Mate Alex got the rare opportunity to see how the client’s usually feel…that is, sitting back and watching some pro anglers fill the fishbox:

April 2, 2015

There has been lots of great river mouth action led by Javier aka Rey Robalo this month. The highlight was a surf fishing adventure with Texas client Mike Loughrey:

“This friend caught a beautiful robalo this morning and freed it to make eggs and fight again in the future! Everyone wins!” wrote Javier.

Kudos to the boys for releasing these big Snook…while not a mandated catch-and-release species, Javier has great respect for the Snook stocks in the river and keeps only a fraction of his catches.

Also this month were some excellent catches of Ponpano and Permit…ceviche, anyone?

Great work as always by Javier!