June 30, 2016

It’s been a hot week of action at the Nosara River Mouth has the Snook action has picked up in a big way.

Javier led the way with this monster Robolo, caught on Father’s Day no less!

Our friend Leo (above) is certainly service fresh fish at Rancho Tico tonight!

The River Mouth provided her bounty all month long with more Snook, Ponpano, and Permit you can imagine.


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May 1, 2016

Captain Alex started the month of May on a hot streak with five back-to-back days of awesome results.

The week started with a quick Sailfish release and this small Dorado, then the next day the Harvester KO’d a bunch of Sailfish

The next day brought this meaty Ponpono, a small Dorado, and more nice Sailfish:

On Wednesday, Captain Alex came out from behind the wheel to bill a bunch of Sailfish…nice to see the Captain back in front of the camera!

Great work by Garza’s fastest rising star!

July 28, 2015

Captain Fico on the 23-foot Adventurer continues to dominate the inshore species with some remarkable catches to close out the month of July.

This Cubera Snapper is a typical catch for the switchblade, despite the coral green waters inshore.

Captain Fico had a big day on July 26 with a wide variety of edibles on ice…this Ponpano is certainly one of the biggest of the year so far for the whole team:

As if the ceviche wasn’t filling enough, this couple also scored a nice Yellowfin Tuna for filets and sushi:

They closed out the day with this 30 lbs. Rooster fish release.

Great performances from the up-and-coming Captain Fico!

April 2, 2015

There has been lots of great river mouth action led by Javier aka Rey Robalo this month. The highlight was a surf fishing adventure with Texas client Mike Loughrey:

“This friend caught a beautiful robalo this morning and freed it to make eggs and fight again in the future! Everyone wins!” wrote Javier.

Kudos to the boys for releasing these big Snook…while not a mandated catch-and-release species, Javier has great respect for the Snook stocks in the river and keeps only a fraction of his catches.

Also this month were some excellent catches of Ponpano and Permit…ceviche, anyone?

Great work as always by Javier!

March 29, 2015

On March 29 Roy Forster brought his kids along for morning half day on the Wanderer. They stayed inshore and enjoyed some good rod-bending action.

After warming up on some feisty Jack Crevelles, Roy scored a big old Ponpano…perfect for cevieche!

The Wanderer bid adios to Roy and the family, then welcomed Hanna Copp and her kids for another round of inshore action.


This Cierro Mackeral is certainly a tasty fish, plus they added a few more Jack Crevelles near the end of the trip.


One day, two happy fishing families for the Wanderer.