February 4, 2017

Jerome McKown and his posse of East Texas anglers put in a great day on the big battleship Discoverer on February 4.

The highlight of the day was a pair of big Sailfish releases:

After the safe billfish releases the team ripped up this 30lbs. Dorado:

This big Dorado was a welcome treat that found it’s way to the dinner table back at Nosara Paradise Rentals for an end-of-week fiesta:

February 2, 2017

Jerome McKown’s boys from Texas continued their hot fishing with Captain Alex on February 2. The Harvester headed off-shore and found the waters thick with Sailfish.

Everyone had multiple shots at big Pacific Sailfish.

Excellent fish handling by Mate Kevin to execute all these safe releases.

Captain Alex proves once again why he is Garza’s fastest rising star!

February 2, 2017

On February 2, legendary Texas angler Jerome McKown walloped a wicked Wahoo on the flagship Wanderer.

This deck-sweeper is a true monster; each side yielded four 1-gallon bags of filets.

That wasn’t the only fish of the day…this posse of CCA TX anglers nabbed a big Dorado and a number of football-sized Yellowfin Tuna.

January 31, 2017

Ray Smith and Jerome McKown had a big day of action with Captain Alex on January 31.

The first big catches of the day were this pair of floor-sweeping Dorados.

Then the action really heated up in the afternoon where the Sailfish were stacked up thick as cordwood.

Looks like Ray was pumped up to catch this big monster!

The day was punctuated by several double strikes.

Mate Kevin did a fantastic job handling these big Pacific Sailfish…amazing work!