March 14, 2019

Katie Paulsen’s group returned to the Wanderer on the 14th and had a great day with wide variety of catches.

This tasty Dorado broke the ice early on, then Team Paulsen belted up to battle some nice Sailfish.

They totaled three Sailfish releases on this trip.

A surprise Yellowfin Tuna was caught late in the day; a sign of things to come as we enter our second high season this month.


March 4, 2019

The Wanderer welcomed Virgil Russell for a fine day of Sailfish battlin’ on March 4, and they scored big fish early and often.

After Ms. Russell’s sweet Sailfish release, Mr. Russell set in on a trio of great billfish releases:

“I wanted to say what an amazing time my wife and I had on the Wanderer,” Virgil wrote in an email. “Top notch Captain, mate, and boat.”