May 1, 2014

After a few days of assembly and shake-down, the Discoverer is in the water and catching fish!

Captain David has accepted the promotion to the new 31′ battle wagon and has tapped Mate Kevin to stick with him on this transition. On their first trip they were joined by Mate Fico and young Garza legend Hernan for an offshore trip with Craig Sutton and Ms. Paula.

Our new vessel headed to the blue water flanked by the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer and the super panga Explorer, and this three-headed fishing monster found a big mancha of spinning porpoises.

You know what that means….Yellowfin Tuna time!

Craig nabbed the first 15lbs. Yella Fella, then young Hernan strapped up for an Ahi of his own.

Ms. Paula notched the first billfish in Discoverer history with this fine Sailfish release, assisted by Mate Kevin.

In addition to dialing in the fishing tools for the new boat, Captain David and Mate Kevin are also experimenting with new photography angles to best deliver the blue water action to your eyeballs. With a 21′ tower and all kinds of good sight-lines it will be no time at all until we can all see how fun fishing on the Discoverer can be.

All smiles all around on the unflappable Discoverer!

April 27, 2014

Peter Sohlden’s boys gained momentum with more Sailfish releases to start the day on April 27. This pair of releases got things going:

With several releases under their fighting belts this group flipped over to the spinning tackle, chased a school of spinning porpoises and casted for Yellowfin Tunas.

It’s a welcome sight to see these 20lbs. football-sized Yella Fellas back in our area. They always come in the early summer, and the big Marlin are usually close behind!

April 20, 2014

Joe Doubek and his family celebrated Easter aboard the flagship Wanderer and they snatched up Sailfish like they were Easter eggs.

Captain William tracked a feeding porpoise pod and Team Doubek swiped a handful of small Yellowfin Tunas out from under their bottle-noses.

Big family fun on the Wanderer for Joe Doubek!

March 1, 2014

The Adventurer produced excellent results this month with a wide variety of catches. Check out just a sampling of the inshore morsels that the pocket knife pried up thanks to the moxy of Captain Carlos:

This Broomtail Grouper is definitely an exciting addition to the haul.

Yellowfin Tuna, big Dorado, and Wahoo may be offshore species where you come from, but with the nimble Adventurer these fish market scores can be had just 2 miles from the beach.

Of course a staple of our tasty fish rountine is the delectable White Tuna. These fellas rarely top 15lbs, but every ounce is filled with yummy goodness!

January 28, 2014

Clifford Jordan had a stellar day on board the Explorer with a scorecard that can be defined as the perfect day of charter fishing.

They started off inshore and immediately put these two whopping Dorados in the fishbox.

Then Captain David pointed the barroom brawler off-shore early in the trip and they spend the morning getting hammered by Sailfish.

Great releases by Captain Carlos (of the Adventurer) to ensure the safe survival of all of these catches.

In the afternoon they returned inshore in search of more filets, and were rewarded with this giant Cubera Snapper.

For a victory lap they added this Yellowfin tuna…three kinds of filets plus several trophy releases? That’s what I call a perfect day!