April 22, 2014

Bob Pease is a tough fisherman from Georgia and he scored huge onboard the famous Wanderer…Take a look at the monster Marlin released by this ole’ boy:

This Blue Marlin is estimated around 300lbs. and certainly is the fish of a lifetime!

Bob Pease put his mark on this fishery in August 2012 when he broke a then-team record with 13 Sailfish released in one day; that feat landed him in the FishingNosara Hall of Fame, and it is safe to say that he is up for another enshrinement.

This trip wasn’t a one-hit wonder…Bob and the boys also tallied seven Sailfish releases.

All this excellent hunting by Captain William made sure that First Mate Alex was wrangling fish all day!

Great work on all the safe releases on a dynamite day for Bob Pease and the famous Wanderer!