August 9, 2012

Paul Crevello and his group hail from the hard-fishing town of Largo, FL situated on the banks of Tampa Bay. We have had lots of great anglers come to Nosara from this challenging fishery, and Mr. Crevello kept the good times rolling like so many others from the  727.

This first Sailfish came calling at 9:30 am and Paul belted up to battle the beast. Great work by Captain William to keep the Wanderer two steps ahead of this monster and First Mate Alex to release her safe and sound.

The 1 o’clock bite has been sure as sugar the last few weeks, and right on time the Wanderer‘s spread was assaulted by skyrocketing Sailfish. Paul’s son had an excellent release around 1:30pm, and then the boys released a pair of bright blue Sailfish at 2:30pm.

Billfish give off this bright blue luminescence when they become agitated and/or when they are on the feed. Most sportfishing crews leave the fish on the line until the color fades, meaning the fish is tired and less likely to be aggressive alongside the boat. 

These pictures makes two excellent points: 1.) Paul Crevello and the posse did a great job of catching these fish quickly, and 2.) The fearless First Mate Alex is willing to handle a pissed-off fish if it means getting a safe, quick release. This is world-class fishing in every respect.

Paul finished off the trip with a fifth Sailfish release at the end of the day, but stay tuned because these Pinellas County anglers are going to be on the prowl all week long.