December 13, 2011

Frank Keres returned to shore with a big smile today. He booked the Wanderer for a offshore billfish hunt and his persistence was rewarded with not one but two fish of a lifetime.

Around 1:30pm the first big fish came calling and it was a gigantic Sailfish. A great short fight and perfect release ensued; little did Frank and his group know that this monster was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Not 15 minutes after releasing the sailfish, ‘El Cachudo Grande’ (Big Marlin in gringo) came barreling through the spread. The fight was intense but Mr. Keres managed to keep the fish calm and motivated toward the Wanderer.

Captain William expertly kept the angler in a position of strength while in the cockpit First Mate Alex billed and released the fish with his trademark fearlessness.

Excellent work by the Keres group and the mighty Wanderer!