December 23, 2014

On the morning of the 23rd the Wanderer welcomed client Leah Armstrong and her family for a fruitful day of inshore action.

Captain William found this bubbling bait ball just a mile from shore and the flagship capitalized on this blessing.

Big Rooster fish were the order of the day. Each was live released so we can catch them again soon!

The action stayed strong with several nice Jack Crevelles providing actions for this young angler.

Then in the afternoon the flagship returned to Garza to scoop up Leah Merryfield and her posse for some high-flying Sailfish action.

Just like the shirt says, this Sailfish learned to Fear the Mustache!

The late-day Sailfish bite lead to two awesome fights and two safe releases.

A getaway Dorado scored was the perfect end to a double day of action for Captain William and the mighty Wanderer.