January 1, 2017

One of our favorite anglers Leah Merryfield helped the Wanderer ring in the New Year with a great day of action on January 1.

Captain William found this big Dorado lurking offshore, and Miss Merryfield was they to land this monster.

Mate Johnny had his work cut out for him to filet this big green beast.

With dinner on ice, Mike battled a big Sailfish all the way in for the release.

Filets for the table and another trophy release for the scrapbook…that’s a perfect day of fishing to kick off 2018.

January 1, 2017

Captain William rang in the new year with one of our favorite groups of clients reporting big scores on the flagship.

Leah Merryfield and her posse of Texas anglers always have fun on the water; on this trip they found a swarm of big Dorados and piled the fishbox high with fresh filets.


There was lots of fun to be had, included a pulse-pounding Double Dorado score.

Great work by Captain William and the mighty Wanderer.

December 31, 2016

Texas anglers Mike Cotton, David Moss, and Leah Merryfield finished up the year on the Discoverer with a day chock full of great blue water action.


The big catch of the day was this sweet Blue Marlin release by Mr. Moss.

After the safe release Captain Carlos discovered a hungry band of big Dorados. Check out this monster scored by Mike Cotton:


December 30, 2015

Leah Merryfield’s group was back on the Wanderer for more great Sailfish action on December 30, highlighted by this late day Double Sailfish release:

This was the icing on the cake of a day that saw seven Sailfish releases by Leah’s team.

Leah took the lead with several Sailfish of her own on the group’s second multiple release day.

 This Texas anglers are certainly in line for another entry into the FishingNosara Hall of Fame!

December 23, 2015

Returning FishingNosara Hall of Famer Leah Merryfield has returned with her posse of hard-fishin’ Texans for another three day campaign on the mighty Wanderer.

The Sailfish releases came fast and furious with many multiple hookups:

At the end of the day Captain William scored the finishing touch with a triple-hookup. All three fish were safely released.

Great work by Mate Johnson and First Mate Alex on this mammoth day of Sailfish releases:

December 31, 2014

The afternoon session was also great as we welcomed Leah Merryfield and her friends for continued awesome action.

Like the morning session, their highlight was a Double Sailfish release:

These Texas anglers also nabbed a few solo Sailfish to round our their record.

The final send-off were some sunset Dorados that are easily north of 40lbs.

Great work by the baddest boat in Garza Bay!


December 28, 2014

Leah Merryfield and her group took the Wanderer for a full day of offshore action on December 28 and they had fantastic action.

In total they notched the scorecard with seven Sailfish releases.

The real swarm hit the baits at 1pm sharp and they put on a show for these Texas anglers.

Is that Graham Harrell flashing the pistols? I’m sure Coach Kliff would be proud!

Great safe releases by First Mate Alex on the billfish, however this group also mixed in a few Dorados for the dinner table.

Wonderful performance from Captain William and the flagship.

December 23, 2014

On the morning of the 23rd the Wanderer welcomed client Leah Armstrong and her family for a fruitful day of inshore action.

Captain William found this bubbling bait ball just a mile from shore and the flagship capitalized on this blessing.

Big Rooster fish were the order of the day. Each was live released so we can catch them again soon!

The action stayed strong with several nice Jack Crevelles providing actions for this young angler.

Then in the afternoon the flagship returned to Garza to scoop up Leah Merryfield and her posse for some high-flying Sailfish action.

Just like the shirt says, this Sailfish learned to Fear the Mustache!

The late-day Sailfish bite lead to two awesome fights and two safe releases.

A getaway Dorado scored was the perfect end to a double day of action for Captain William and the mighty Wanderer.