February 16, 2021

Certain anglers want to micromanage their trip (inshore for 1.5 hours, troll for 2hr, cast for 45 minutes, etc.) and a common response is  to “take what the ocean gives you.”

Phil Egan learned this lesson from the sea on February 16. Here is his account:

“So, our little 2.5 hour 3-5:30 snorkeling trip turned into quite an experience. Green water and swells over the reef turned the snorkeling into a bust. We then turned offshore to see if we could have the kids spot some dolphins – that was a bust too.”

“After about 45mins searching, the guys then said “how about some fishing”. Um….sure! We ended up snagging 2 sails – so much fun.

“And then with the sun going going down and the guys taking in lines – the last remaining line in the water – port outrigger – blows up. Bring in a beautiful ~40 lb dorado!”

“Can’t wait for the Thursday trip!”