February 18, 2021

Phil Egan’s hot streak continued on February 18. Here is the email he sent us after the trip:

Hey there Craig –

Had another killer day on the 5 hr trip on the Harvester yesterday. 3-4 miles out we had our first sail hooked up – the guys were still setting up and only had the shotgun line in the water.

Went on to go 5 for 7 on sails and 1 for 2 on dorado (24 lbs). That boat is a bad ass fishing machine!

Thanks for 3 great days of fishing. The boats and crews are all top notch. The guys all fish hard and with enthusiasm.

I can’t help but think they’ve all probably caught thousands of sails in their lifetimes, but treat each hookup with the excitement of it being their first.

Until next year!

Phil Egan

February 16, 2021

Certain anglers want to micromanage their trip (inshore for 1.5 hours, troll for 2hr, cast for 45 minutes, etc.) and a common response is  to “take what the ocean gives you.”

Phil Egan learned this lesson from the sea on February 16. Here is his account:

“So, our little 2.5 hour 3-5:30 snorkeling trip turned into quite an experience. Green water and swells over the reef turned the snorkeling into a bust. We then turned offshore to see if we could have the kids spot some dolphins – that was a bust too.”

“After about 45mins searching, the guys then said “how about some fishing”. Um….sure! We ended up snagging 2 sails – so much fun.

“And then with the sun going going down and the guys taking in lines – the last remaining line in the water – port outrigger – blows up. Bring in a beautiful ~40 lb dorado!”

“Can’t wait for the Thursday trip!”