June 8, 2012

Our good buddy Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis brought his friend Matt to FishingNosara to get a taste of top notch blue water billfish hunting. After riding out a heck of a storm earlier in the week on the Explorer, Jeff opted for the luxurious confines of the flagship Wanderer for this 3/4 day trip.

The weather was picture perfect as the Wanderer discovered the blue water break about 14 miles offshore. First Mate Alex deployed the spread and it was an immediate hit with several 15 – 20lbs. Dorados. With five greenies on ice they switched over to lures to coax in a big billfish.

This beautiful Sailfish hit the spread around 3:30pm and put up an aggressive 25 minute fight. Matt took care of business on the reel and with Captain William outmaneuvering the fish at every turn, it was only a matter of time until she was alongside for the release.

First Mate Alex handled the fish with great care and released her safe as always. Great day of fishing offshore for the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer!

“I had a great time fishing down in Nosara on the Adventurer, Wanderer and Explorer,” Matt wrote us in an email. “The Captains were all great and very friendly, also know how to fish which is the most important. I will be back, hopefully in February. Thank you.”