February 25, 2013

David Lukof locked into a battle with a super 300+lbs. Marlin on the unbeatable Explorer. Take a look at this monster:

According to our buddy Jeff (who was filming): “Dude had heat stroke after this. He’s been chasing a marlin for 30 years. He said ‘I’d fight it till I died’ he might have actually been close!”
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Amazing catch and release by the superstar Captain David and Mate Carlos!

August 24, 2012

It is risky to keep fishing down here with the monsoon rains looming just a few days away, but the fearless Wanderer had to tend to some unfinished business on August 24.

Our great friend and neighbor Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis brought a very special VIP for this trip. Bruce Northam is the mind behind the blog American Detour and his books, essays, speeches and articles have been published in just about every major magazine imaginable. He is a seasoned world traveler and we were stoked to welcome him and his crew to our little slice of paradise.

More importantly, this fireballing Marlin attacked the Wanderer‘s spread and the legendary Captain William put the moves on this monster. First Mate Alex exhibited the calm professionalism that has made FishingNosara famous in the safe billing and release of this majestic marine creature.

According to Jeff, “the footage the camera guys took is incredible. That trip couldn’t have gone any better, when the marlin hit – Bruce literally jumped out of his seat and screamed “look at the f*ckin size of that thing!!!!!!” and it just got better from there.”

This is a great accomplishment for Jeff as this is his first Marlin release. I think that this monster just couldn’t resist his FishingNosara throwback jersey! Once everyone got their photos, this fish was safely release like all billfish caught by our team.

The Wanderer is due for a complete refit and repaint which will get underway in about a week, and it should come as no surprise to our regular readers that the flagship cemented her place at the head of the class with this epic late-season Marlin release.

July 22, 2012

Our new friends Terrance and Brittney are back in Nosara and scheduled a nice half day trip with our buddy Jeff Grosshandler and Captain David on the Explorer. It was a day filled with action with nice catches of Ponpano and Cierro Mackerel.

Jeff made a new friend on the casting platform and Brittney seemingly couldn’t wait for this tasty Cierro Mackerel to hit the sushi tray.

It was a great trip with lots of fresh filets to go around. Three different species should make this week one of delicacies and decadence for this newly-engaged NY couple.

July 6, 2012

Our new friends Terrance Karnal and Brittney Niccole joined our old buddy Jeff Grosshandler for a magical half-day offshore with Captain William on the Wanderer. This deadly duo of New York anglers laid the smack down on a nice Sailfish.

Nice work by Mate Carlos (on loan from the Explorer / Adventurer) on the safe capture and release of this fish.

Get a load of these well-dressed anglers! You know the old saying in NYC, “either you’re City, or you’re country.”

June 8, 2012

Our good buddy Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis brought his friend Matt to FishingNosara to get a taste of top notch blue water billfish hunting. After riding out a heck of a storm earlier in the week on the Explorer, Jeff opted for the luxurious confines of the flagship Wanderer for this 3/4 day trip.

The weather was picture perfect as the Wanderer discovered the blue water break about 14 miles offshore. First Mate Alex deployed the spread and it was an immediate hit with several 15 – 20lbs. Dorados. With five greenies on ice they switched over to lures to coax in a big billfish.

This beautiful Sailfish hit the spread around 3:30pm and put up an aggressive 25 minute fight. Matt took care of business on the reel and with Captain William outmaneuvering the fish at every turn, it was only a matter of time until she was alongside for the release.

First Mate Alex handled the fish with great care and released her safe as always. Great day of fishing offshore for the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer!

“I had a great time fishing down in Nosara on the Adventurer, Wanderer and Explorer,” Matt wrote us in an email. “The Captains were all great and very friendly, also know how to fish which is the most important. I will be back, hopefully in February. Thank you.”

June 3, 2012

Our new friends Asif and Sebastian joined our old buddy Jeff Grosshandler for what was supposed to be  a 5 hour half-day on the Explorer with Captain David and First Mate Alex on loan from the Wanderer.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and they had to shorten the trip due to big waves.

That didn’t stop the legendary Explorer from catching a nice Yellowfin Tuna, though. This 40lbs. monster came in the first 30 minutes of the trip. You can tell from the background in these pictures that the storms were just about to fire off.

Great work by the dynamic duo to keep the Explorer in one piece and to make sure all the clients made it back to shore safely. It’s days like this that we are so proud to have a boatman of David’s caliber on this vessel. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

“Wow, crazy storm! Alex and David handled everything amazingly well, Alex especially impressed me. We are going back out later this week, maybe Wednesday. There are huge Tuna there right now.”

April 18, 2012

Mike Grosshandler and the Explorer fight a wonderful Sailfish. Check it out:

This fish put on quite a show, but was not the only monster to invade the Explorer‘s spread. Three seperate Marlins came shopping but the Grosshandler boys couldn’t bring the hooks home.

The next day Uncle Art released this very nice Sailfish, estimated to weigh between 110lbs. and 140lbs.

March 1, 2012

Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis has built a wonderful fractional ownership operation over the last three years and a staple part of his clients’ experiences has been a day on the famous Wanderer tracking down blue water monsters. Joined by Doug Carras, Mr. Grosshandler enlisted Captain William and First Mate Alex for a half-day trip and brought home a nice Dorado for the dinner table.

Who says chicken can’t fly?

Excellent catch by Doug Carras and our main man Jeff Grosshandler!

December 14, 2011

Our buddy Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis has been in town fishing with his uncle for the last week and their trip on Wednesday brought another beautiful Pacific Sail to the Wanderer.

Though Mr. Grosshandler has fished with us many times in the last two years I believe this is Jeff’s first Billfish. This is truly a mighty trophy fish for the Hoboken, NJ based angler. Looks like Jeff has the eye of the tiger!

Welcome to the bill collector’s club Jeff!