March 27, 2019

Our new pal Chuck Boyer took a day off from his retreat over at Blue Spirit to pursue Blue Marlin, and the barroom brawler Explorer delivered the goods. Check out this beast:

They followed up with multiple nice Sailfish releases:

Amazing day of fishing — Fico & Johnny took great care of me! I really appreciate their patience w/ my limited spanish, but we made it work. My only regret was not being able to take a couple lovely Mahi filets into Nosara for a nice dinner.

Thanx to the Fishing Nosara Team for an awesome experience!

(That’s “Senor Carlos” to Fico & Johnny)

All honest true praise!

My thanks also to Matt, Javier, & Yoseth for taking care of my local logistics. It’s those seemingly little tasks that can also make or break how a day kicks off.
You’ve got a top notch local family!

Pura Vida

Chuck Boyer