May 23, 2011

On May 23 Captain Vibert welcome a nice visiting family to the Cabo for a half-day trip and everyone had a great time. Check out this mini-Dorado caught by this mini-Angler. The Master Captain always delivers great trips for his clients big and small.

Most recently Captain Vibert welcomed client Adolfo Malavasi for a full day of fishing on the Cabo and they had a banner day. The first big catch was this amazing Needlefish on a slow trolled cedar plug.


Then things really started to heat up with a variety of Snappers and Tunas. This White Tuna is one of the tastiest fish in the sea and a tough fighting fish.

White Tuna

Client Adolfo and Captain Vibert

Realistically, we could talk all day about the Master Captain’s skills on the water, but how about we let the fishbox do the talking:

Viberts Full Fishbox