May 23, 2011

On May 23 Captain Vibert welcome a nice visiting family to the Cabo for a half-day trip and everyone had a great time. Check out this mini-Dorado caught by this mini-Angler. The Master Captain always delivers great trips for his clients big and small.

Most recently Captain Vibert welcomed client Adolfo Malavasi for a full day of fishing on the Cabo and they had a banner day. The first big catch was this amazing Needlefish on a slow trolled cedar plug.


Then things really started to heat up with a variety of Snappers and Tunas. This White Tuna is one of the tastiest fish in the sea and a tough fighting fish.

White Tuna

Client Adolfo and Captain Vibert

Realistically, we could talk all day about the Master Captain’s skills on the water, but how about we let the fishbox do the talking:

Viberts Full Fishbox

March 2, 2011

Captain Vibert knows how to deliver lots of great fishing in a short amount of time. Yesterday client Donna and her group booked the Cabo for a 2.5 hour trip and they used up every minute of it.

Costa Rica Sunset

They caught two really nice Black Tunas and a feisty little Cuberra Snapper. As usual Master Captain Vibert and the Cabo are the unbeatable boat for consistent action.

February 24, 2011

The Master Captain Vibert has stayed vigilant on the inshore reefs, and tonight he and client Paul cox took a 2.5 hour sunset fishing trip on the Cabo. Even though they lost a big one on the bottom, he did manage to boat a nice  Congrio.

As usual, Captain Vibert is all over the inshore action. Look out for more great trips from the Master Captain.

February 1, 2011

Captain Vibert has been a model of consistency this month, which began with a Marlin flyfishing hunt and also included a beautiful marlin release in mid-January.

The Master Captain finished January strong with client Chris and his group on the Cabo. In no time at all they caught a small cuberra snapper, a 6lbs. macarella, and five tasty Black tunas. Great work as always from the Cabo.

January 19, 2011

We promised photos of Captain Vibert and client Dick Stacey’s Blue Marlin, and here it is! What a great catch by Mr. Stacey and as always some amazing boat-handling and angling by Captain Vibert and Mate Marcos.

Captain Vibert and the Cabo have hit their stride arleady this season and we expect even more great trips from the Master Captain in the future.

May 14, 2010

On May 14th Client Mark Padilla from Samarra booked Captain Vibert for a morning trip. The Captain pointed the Cabo towards the offshore reef and begin to tease the bigger fish up from the bottom. First Mate Vibert Jr. and client Mark were jigging the deep water off of the transom, waiting for the first nibble when BOOM!

A big, mean, hard-fightin’ Rooster fish started peeling off line like it was cotton candy and dove straight down. The Captain and crew were patient and let the big fella tire out. They kept up about 3 knots to keep the fish honest and made the slow spiral overhead. The Rooster followed the water column up like a spiral staircase right into the Cabo.

Upon release, this Rooster felt to weigh about 45lbs.

Not one to rest on success, Captain Vibert then put Mark on a nice macarella and nine black tunas. Pretty good for a morning, huh?

March 26, 2010

Captain Vibert Blanche took the brunt of the slow early March, but he has been picking it up in April and has kept steady with some great nature tours. On March 26th Stephanie Kawalik took a great Nature Tour. They saw more than 20 nice dolphins with different colors. Also, they got some pictures of a baleen (that’s Whale in Gringo) and a couple sea turtles.

March 12, 2010

Captain Vibert escorted this quintet of yogis for a three hours sunset cruise and in addition to enjoying the scenery, turtles, whales, and dolphins they also got on a few fish.

Remember that FishingNosara’s boats aren’t just for fishing. Many clients enjoy snorkeling, sightseeing, and surfing right from our boats. All of our rates, boats, and adventures are customizable to fit the needs of you and your party.


November 5, 2009

Captain Vibert then welcomed a very esteemed client, Mr. Sigurd Michelsen, to the shores of Nosara for a two-day fishing excursion. On November 5th they cruised the offshore depths and brought in two cubera snappers in the 15-30lbs. range. They also had two more on the line, but they were too massive to pull in this time.

On November 6th Sig was back onboard the Cabo for another day with Captain Vibert. They had a blast and swooped up some nice fish. He caught a pair of yellowfin tunas each weighing 15lbs. and a pair of black tunas weighing 10lbs. They also reeled in a big 65lbs. amberjack.

Finally Captain Vibert put Mr. Michelsen on a bubbling patch of water and dropped all the lines right into the middle. They found out what was causing all the fuss when the line popped off and shot straight down. One good hour of fighting later and Sig pulled in a Sleeper Shark (called a Whale shark in some places) weighing over 450lbs.