December 2, 2015

Team Arrich finished off their three days of fishing with more great action.

Here’s Angie’s Facebook post:

“Day #3 on the Wanderer with Captain William and Alex! Sailfish, 8 tuna and 2 Roosters! Thank you guys for an amazing 3 day adventure! You’ll be seeing us again for sure!”

Look at the size of these Yella Fellas:


November 29, 2015

Chris and Angie Arrich were the big winners of the Dodge Ram Rigged and Ready contest and they scored a squad of Sailfish releases on board the famous Wanderer.

Angie posted this to Facebook: “Our first full day here and spent it on the Wanderer yesterday with Captain William, Alex and Johnny! Thank you for an Amazing day! 3 sailfish! See you on Tuesday!”