February 3, 2017

The Wanderer kept up the excellent fishing with another set of CCA Texas folks on February 3.

Art and Christine Jones brought their friends along for a trip to the meat market; for starters there was an excellent Yellowfin Tuna bite, which was then followed up by a big tasty Dorado.

They also added a sweet Sailfish release later in the trip:

February 1, 2017

Art Jones and David Ardoin marked up the scorecard with a wonderful day on the Harvester that featured a nice Striped Marlin release backed up with lots of Sailfish.

After the Marlin release, the Harvester was beset by hungry aggressive Sailfish.

With such clear water these fish are all the more gorgeous…Look at the glowing blue bio-luminescence on these beauty.

Mate Kevin was on his game with ten safe Sailfish releases plus the safe Marlin release. Surely his arms are tired after a day like this!

Amazing work by Captain William and the mega panga Harvester!

May 25, 2016

Art and Christine Jones knocked it out of the park on the 25th with a wide array of fish marking up the scorecard.

After nabbing this tasty Queen Snapper, the Wanderer headed offshore to hunt Sailfish.

They stayed cool with these new FishingNosara self-cooling hats, and that spelled trouble for these high-flying Sailfish.

The height of the day’s action was this triple hook-up, with all three Sailfish safely released:

Even with this full scorecard, the never-quit Captain William put the lines out one more time and nabbed another pair of Sailfish.

May 23, 2016

Art and Christine Jones got their week of fishing off to a fast start with the Harvester reporting a swarm of sweet Sailfish releases.

Check out the above-the-water action from these fired-up high-flyers:

After the early run of Sailfish releases they hooked into this meaty Dorado estimated to weigh 30lbs.

With dinner taken care of, the Jones crew went back to trophy fish hunting:

Around mid-day they hooked-up a hunting pair of Sailfish. Mate Kevin did an excellent job to coordinate both fights and ensure safe releases.

They followed up with another double hookup, but this time one spit the hook and escaped.