June 26, 2023

Captain Sergio’s group had quite the send-off on their June 26th trip on the mighty flagship Wanderer. 

The Sailfish action stayed hot with multiple releases, including a very challenging Double Sailfish release.

They scored a final Yellowfin Tuna for the filet bag. Excellent job by these Tampa-based anglers.

June 22, 2023

We are excited to welcome back our great friend and world famous angler  Captain Sergio Atanes of Reelfishy.com for another week of action.

Once again he has assembled a top-notch of Floridan anglers to do battle in the Pacific blue water.

On the first trip, they scored a nice brace of Yellowfin Tunas. Good to see the group will be eating well tonight!

July 13, 2017

After two solid days of offshore billfishing, the Captain Sergio group stayed inshore with clients John Martinez, Judy Martinez, Jerold Long, and Christine Long.


The strikes were constant over the eight hour trip with 13 Snappers caught along with other fun fish.

This nice-sized Rainbow Runner is certainly a tasty treat.



After loading up on Red Snappers (big and small), the crew hit paydirt with this 80lbs. Amberjack:

Everyone lined up to take a picture with this beastie.