November 1, 2013

The Wanderer hosted some excellent clients today for an inshore assault. Lisa Quam got the ball rolling with this sweet Cierro Mackerel:

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Steve Bonczyk really set the water on fire with this excellent Rooster fish release. This beast fought like a bear…look at that rod doubled over!

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First Mate Alex handled this fish with great care to ensure a quick and healthy release.

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Great work by some great clients and the baddest boat in Garza bay the Wanderer!

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August 12, 2012

The Wanderer delivered an amazing end to a great week of fishing for Paul Crevello and the boys with several more Sailfish releases plus a surprise tasty treat in the fishbox. They stayed inshore during the morning and collected some Bonita for use as Sailfish bait, but just as they were heading offshore a mighty fish took the hook.

The result was this beautiful Cierro Mackeral. World renowned for the quality of its meat, the Cierro is a dynamite sushi fish. This specimen is one of the largest we’ve seen down here which is a good thing because the Crevello group would work up a big appetite during the afternoon Sailfish bite.

These beauties came flying by just after 1pm and the ensuing fight was frenetic. Captain William kept the fish on opposite sides of the boat as First Mate Alex coordinated the releases. After the lights-out fishing earlier in the week, Team Crevello are old pros at Sailfish releasing by now.

Another week of consistent excellence by some great anglers and the flagship Wanderer.


July 22, 2012

Our new friends Terrance and Brittney are back in Nosara and scheduled a nice half day trip with our buddy Jeff Grosshandler and Captain David on the Explorer. It was a day filled with action with nice catches of Ponpano and Cierro Mackerel.

Jeff made a new friend on the casting platform and Brittney seemingly couldn’t wait for this tasty Cierro Mackerel to hit the sushi tray.

It was a great trip with lots of fresh filets to go around. Three different species should make this week one of delicacies and decadence for this newly-engaged NY couple.