January 25, 2014

Our old buddy Francois Bernier returned to the Wanderer on January 25 hoping to improve on his December 2012 performance.

Back then he caught some big bottom fish and a few nice Dorados, but this trip saw Mr. Bernier best a beastly Sailfish.

After a safe release by First Mate Alex, Paige followed up with a big Dorado…seems like old times!

Great work by these fine folks and the ferocious flagship!

December 2, 2012

Francois Bernier has been in Nosara since November and has waited patiently for his turn offshore on the mighty Wanderer. He scored some excellent Dorado on the Explorer last month and we are stoked to report that the greens kept coming in for him and his group on this trip.

Francois was joined by Mark and Paige Patrizio of New Jersey and the whole group had a blast.

“I thought a trip on the great blue would cheer them up a little,” wrote Mr. Bernier in an email. “And it did… Although we set out for sailfish, we took in four respectable dorados. The team of William and Alex is simply exceptional.”

By mid-day they had three fish in the box, and added some more action later in the day. “Paige had her first experience reeling in a fish without external assistance and she caught it like a pro. The nice fresh lunch thrown in was a pleasant surprise. I tell you, all aspects of this day were top-notch.”

Way to go Francois, Mark, and Paige on a fruitful day of marine life harvesting on the Wanderer!


November 17, 2012

Francois Bernier joined Captain David and Mate Carlos on the unstoppable super panga for a 3.5 hour inshore fishing trip early in the morning on November 17. The Explorer took her usual spot over the reefs of Pincha Padre and Monsieur Bernier reeled in this excellent Amberjack.

Francois is moving up to the Wanderer for a date with some billfish in early December, but until then he can chow down on some fresh fish filets.