December 21, 2014

The Wanderer pulled double duty on December 21 with two 5-hour half day trips planned.

In the morning we welcomed Sam Carroll from Brooklyn and his posse scored five sweet Sailfish releases.

The icing on the cake was this MAMMOTH Blue Marlin release right at the end of their trip (11:45 by the timestamp, 15 minutes to go!)

That’s four Marlin releases in four consecutive days for Captain William!

Sam’s group was all smiles when the Wanderer swung into Garza to return them to shore and to welcome Jim Kramer aboard.

Jim last fished with us on Christmas Eve 2012 and scored three nice Sailfish that day.

This time he built upon his legend with a quintet of Sailfish releases.

All eleven Sailfish were safely released by First Mate Alex. Great work by the flagship

Two trips, One day, One guy from Brooklyn, One guy from Delaware, a whole heap of great catches in Costa Rica!

December 24, 2012

Jim Kramer and his group are big time anglers who hail from the hard-fishin’ state of Delaware. These First Staters booked up the Wanderer for a billfish hunt and were rewarded with three excellent Sailfish releases ranging from 80lbs. – 90lbs.

These fish fight hard, but Jim and his ladies fought a little harder.

Excellent second trip of the day for the blue bomber with a total of four Sailfish released on this Christmas eve.