December 7, 2016

Kirk Langenbach scored the first Marlin of the season for the FishingNosara team with the Master Captain William on the Wanderer.

This Blue Marlin was estimated to weigh 200lbs. by Mate Johnson upon the safe release.

Awesome job by Kirk and the whole Moody group on their fishing battles, and of course by the big blue beauty Wanderer.

December 6, 2016

Florida anglers Linda Moody and Kirk Langenbach enlisted Captain William for a three-day battle against blue water beasties on the Wanderer.

On the first day they got the deck bloody with a few nice Dorados.

You can see that their friend ‘Flat Jack’ joined them in spirit on this trip:

Flat Jack also enjoyed the amenities at Nosara Paradise Rentals, including an encounter with our furry mascot Bianca:

On day two they return to the flagship and this time scored a high-flying Sailfish:

Let’s see how that picture came out: