July 29, 2016

Paul Reynolds took a victory lap on July 29 as his last day of fishing yielded another fish-of-a-lifetime for this Winter Park angler.

The new FishingNosara visor must have lured up a big one…Check out this MASSIVE Cubera Snapper he snagged early in the day.

After the inshore success, Captain William pointed the blue beauty off shore for another stroll through Sailfish City.

Here’s what Paul had to say on Tripadvisor:

“What a great trip! I’m an avid fisherman in Florida and the Bahamas, but this blew all of my other trips away. Everyone from Craig (owner / booking) to Matt and all of the captains & crew were great.”

“We fished 3.5 days and caught 26 billfish, 5 dorado (one at 60 lbs) and 16 yellowfin tuna… not to mention the cubera snapper, amberjack and other inshore fish. We fished mostly on the Wanderer, Harvester and Explorer. All were great, but my favorites were Capt William & first Mate Johnny (Wanderer) and the Captain Alex with first mate Kevin (Harvester).”

“We fished mostly ballyhoo with circle hooks offshore and all crews knew how to fish. Almost every captain spoke English too… which really helps. My favorite was when we found some bonito and slow trolled them for the marlin, larger sailfish and inshore for cubera.”

“Don’t be fooled by the rainy season… it produces offshore as well. Rooster fish were very hard to find and may be better other seasons. I do not hesitate in recommending this group for a great fishing trip.”

“If you are looking to fish large sportfish boats with A/C…. this is not your trip. But if you want to catch the same quality and quantity of fish for 1/3 of the price… this is the trip. I can’t wait to book my next trip!”

“PS – lunch was included for our trips and was fantastic. Cooked by the local ladies and in classic Costa Rica style. Water and fresh fruit included too… just bring the beer, the sunscreen and the gopro / cameras!!”

July 26, 2016

After a giant day of Sailfish releases on the Mega Panga, Paul Reynolds group moved up to the flagship and Captain William led them from Sailfish City to the land of El Dorado!

These MASSIVE Mahi-Mahi are a welcome treat…always great to have lots of filets on ice.

Later in the day the Wanderer lined up a run at more Sailfish, with Mate Johnson successfully billing and releasing this nice monster:

July 25, 2016

Paul Reynolds and his posse took Sailfish City by storm with Captain Alex leading the way for a landmark day of billfish releases.

The highlight was this wonderful Double Sailfish release, expertly coordinated by Mate Kevin in the cockpit.

After the double, the Sailfish got charged up and lined up for their turn to be released.

Great consistent action all day for the Harvester

They even added some meat for the fishbox with a handful of Yellowfin Tunas: