May 2, 2018

When the offshore bite is a good as it’s been recently, only a fool would stay inshore and plunk around for little fish…the smart move is to listen to the advice of the long-tenured Captains of FishingNosara and head offshore.

Angler John Grover took heed of Captain Alex’ advice and found the big blue water beasties lurking about a dozen miles from shore.

Three anglers, three bites, three fish-of-a-lifetime (one slipped away after being de-hooked but before the picture). Not bad for just 5 hours work.

Great job by Captain Alex, Mate Wilson and the Harvester!

May 2, 2018

The offshore bite has been on fire the last few days, and it looks like our Captains’ sharing of knowledge is paying off big time.

The Harvester called up Captain Fico on his phone and let him know that the big action was going on a dozen miles out in the blue water.

Angler Nicholas Grothe was the beneficiary of this action and scored multiple Sailfish releases backed up with perfect-for-eating Yellowfin Tunas filets.