March 18, 2014

Jennifer and Shannon Gonzalez enlisted Captain William and the Wanderer on March 18 for a return trip to Sailfish City. The blue water was fruitful for these Tampa-area anglers as they stacked up Sailfish releases with great precision.

First Mate Alex had his work cut out for him wrangling these sea monsters; check out the look on Jennifer’s face when this bucking beast was brought up:

All the billfish were safely released care of the excellent First Mate Alex. Seems like the Sailfish got more aggressive at the day wore on…you’d think the first four Sailfish would spread the word to the others not to mess with the best!

The highlight of the trip was a Double sailfish hook-up that led to a thrilling release!

They closed out the day with a final Sailfish release. Wonderful action from the famous Wanderer!


March 17, 2014

Jennifer and Shannon Gonzalez torched the blue water creatures with Captain David on the Explorer on March 17.

The Sailfish have been thick recently and the Super Panga capitalized with several super releases.


The only thing that interrupted the Sailifsh swarm was this gargantuan Wahoo:

That is a legitimate deck sweeper!

These tough anglers kept the pedal to the metal with more Sailfish releases to finish off the trip.

Excellent performance by Captain David and Mate Kevin on the legendary Explorer.