July 2, 2012

Daniel and his son had a near perfect day on the indestructable Explorer today with lots of fish filets for the fridge plus a trio of Rooster releases for the trophy mantle.

The day began with three tasty Rainbow Runners (also called Rainbow Tunney) and a nice Ambejack. Then they hit paydirt with this first of three Roosters:

They also caught 10 Dorados over 10-15lbs+ for the dinner table. Great well-rounded half day from Captain David and the Explorer.

July 1, 2012

James Petter brought the whole family for a quick 2.5 hour trip on the Wanderer. They stayed inshore and caught an array of fish including some small Dorados, tasty White Tunas, and a big ole Jack Crevelle.

Another super family outing on the Wanderer; everyone caught fish and got hooked up with big smiles!

June 30, 2012

Happy birthday to Steve! He got the best gift a man can ask for this year…a trip on the famous Wanderer with Captain William and First Mate Alex. They headed offshore and followed this pod of porpoises out to the blue water break.

The Sailfish were waiting out there in the nutrient rich blue water and they were hungry! The Wanderer‘s spread endured several attacks but stood strong and counter punched with a pair of Saillfish hook ups.

One got away, but his hunting buddy admitted defeat and shook hands with Steve after the battle.

Great work by the birthday boy on the big blue buoyant beauty!

June 29, 2012

Excellent performance on the Wanderer for our new pals Jesse Felt and Erik Snelgrave. These San Josa, California anglers got off to a hot start with a small Dorado and a Yellowtail Snapper on ice before you could say “cowabunga”. They then got serious with a pair of beautiful Rooster fish releases.

Look, all three of those guys have the same hairstyle!

Great work by Captain William who has kept the Wanderer parked on top of Rooster fish all month…June 2012 goes up as our best ever Rooster fish month with a total of 13 releases.

Click for all Rooster Fish releases

Starting on June 1, the FishingNosara team had one trip with a single release, two doubles, two triples, and a quadruple release…The Rooster Fish Cycle for all you baseball fans out there (I see you out there Brooke S., viva Gigantes!)

June 29, 2012

Spread the word to the local billfish popluation…the Adventurer has struck again! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that a 23 foot panga with tiller steering would stand up to the mighty Pacific Sailfish that populate our stretch of water, but the fearless Captain Carlos proved that last month’s sailfish release with Josh Walker was no fluke.

What a beast! Hats off to Captain Carlos for coordinating the strike, fight, and most importantly safe release of this majestic marine monster.

The angler for this release was from Marta Baez’ family and you can see from these excellent photos that this legendary Sailfish release was only part of their unforgettable Costa Rican vacation.

The absolutely wore it out in Nosara: ziplines, kayaks, horses, and of course one of the most memorable Sailfish releases of the season.

Pura Vida to the Baez Family!

Kingbuster 400 this weekend

After two weeks of weather delays we are primed for the weekend at the Kingbuster 400 Kingfish Tournament held in St. Augustine, FL. Lots of great prizes are on the line for all levels of anglers, so come out and join FishingNosara at this tourney.

Tournament Recap

Following a spirited Captain’s Meeting at the St. Augustine Bridge of Lions Marina, 50+ crews braved the 100+ degree heat and went kingfishing. The bite was a bit slow and the scales were absent the 50lbs. we’ve seen in the past.

Still it was exciting to see first place go to a good old friend:

Congrats to Captain Jerry Carter on winning the KingBuster 400…his prize? A week at Nosara Paradise Rentals with fishing trips from FishingNosara!

PS Nice hats gentlemen…FSU and FishingNosara is a lethal combination!

 Click here for the full article from the St. Augustine Record by Jim Sutton

June 28, 2012

Dennis Paul took his final swipe of the week at the marine population on the Wanderer and they had a quartet of sailfish visit the spread throughout the trip.

Of the four potential strikes Dennis and the boys on the big blue beauty caught three. As always Captain William kept the fights short and First Mate Alex coordinated all three safe releases.

The best thing about Dennis Paul is, even though he sits atop the FishingNosara Hall of Fame with three separate enshrinements he still approaches every trip with the enthusiasm of a first timer.

Compare the big smiles on these Sailfish releases against his catches from years past and he is clearly just as pumped up now as ever.